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Fulgrim was often said by the remembrancers to be the more worldly mirror image of Blessed Sanguineous, created haphazardly, a happy accident that perfected himself, and grew imperious and mighty by his own ambition, who flew by roaring jet instead of graceful wing, but likewise pale and fair, refined and elegant. Indeed this was very compelling, the Terra’s Children’s fine armor was unmarred and unbloodied even through Fulgrim’s brutal raids and engagements, he struck where he pleased and retreated when it was advantageous, whose blade was drawn in pride when Sanguineous drew his in duty. For all their contrast, the aesthete and the prince were on good terms, so long as military matters were not broached between them. Likewise he was compared to Guilliman, great strategos of Europea, as the Phoenician conducted great overarching campaigns in sector after sector, indomitable purple Astartes at the vanguard and unbreakable supply lines guarded by his shining cyborgs, advancing through the galactic west apace with the vaunted Ultramarines in the east. Though it had to be said that Guilliman never leaned so heavily on the techniques of economic sabotage and poxy war that Fulgrim brought with him, following on the heels of the shadowy Alpha Legionnaires he still held close since the Merikan Coup. For all appearances Fulgrim was as deft a diplomat as Lorgar, Vulcan, Horus, and Robute, but for the fact that when he paraded his regal Astartes before the people of a world and charmed its leaders at Imperial hosted galas he was often hard at work cutting down their dissenting elements and special forces just beneath that pleasant veneer of peace.

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