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Who collects SPEESSE MAHHREENS wargear when they fall on a planet or drop shit in the middle of battle?

Was playing Space Marine, and Tidus just drops his shit willy nilly, I thought jet packs would be rather expensive to make and maintain...

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I am seriously considering GMing a Deathwatch game (40k roleplay). However, none of my group, or myself are that versed in the universe. I going to spend a few days reading all I can to get read for this, so I am confident in my understanding of it.

My main question is how good are the published adventures for Deathwatch, namely "The Emperor Protects" adventures for player new to the universe?

tl;dr what is a good way to introduce a group to deathwatch?

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Starting a Deathwatch game soon. Any suggestions for map editors or level design software? (newbie CS major interested in game/level design)

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>impractical armor
>mark 7 aquila armor

/tg/ would never admit but it's true.

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OP here:


BLAST! I was to late.

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Oh, I know what you'rewas saying. I"'m a psyker the entirety of the rest of the team HATES 'wytches' fuuuuuu-". Its a nice situation from a roleplay perspective. Similar to my idea of a Storm Warden Librarian who, if there was a templar in the group, would constantly debate/discuss with the Templar WHY psykers are so terrible when the Imperium litterally could not function without them (astropaths, navigators, etc).

I was just complaining that multiple members of a kill-team from the same chapter bugs me from a fluff perspective.

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Every 24 hours, actually, and it costs a boat-load of exp to purchase, causes 1d5 fatigue and takes 5 rounds of uninterrupted invocation to get off.

Still kinda crazy.

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>Or when the Black Templar realises he has to work alongside a dirty, dirty psyker in the form of a Librarian.

Or when that Librarian turns out to be a Storm Warden (who loves to debate) and decides he wants to constantly engage (and unwittingly antagonize) the Templar with just WHY psykers are so bad when the Imperium RUNS on Psykers (Astorpaths, Navigators), many of the Primarchs were Psykers, and the Emperor himself was a Psyker.

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It'd be rather amusing if I could let my friend field the kill-team with his Space Marine army.

Speaking of... what is the "Kill-team" sub-game like? I haven't played 40k since 3rd edition.

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Also, Storm Wardens are famous for their love of debate. So he'd be a great choice for the Librarian.

"Brother Templar, why do you hate Psykers so? Millions of Sanction Psykers operate with the Emperor's blessing in the Imperium. They guide our ships through the warp, relay messages between worlds. Even the Emperor himself is a psyker. Why do you say they are wrong?"

They're also big on personal honor-codes, and fans of ritual combat to settle disagreements. However they're still very professional, when a course of action is agreed upon, they act on it with all their ability, even if they don't entirely agree with it. Honestly more info about them is one of the reasons I want Deathwatch ASAP, they sound pretty awesome.

They also often carry claymores instead of combat knives. Hell yeah.

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No one?

Help a Battle Brother out.

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Thats what I've decided I'd do if/when I get a group going.

I'll have a friend of mine who is pretty damn good at painting minis (And coincidentally has a ton of DW pauldrons sitting around from buying multiple SM Command Squad boxes) do up a mini for each of my players (and one for me).

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Seconding this.

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stop drawing pictures of "Dark Age of Technology" Power armour

it doesnt exist! power armour was invented on terra(at the time earth) just prior to the unifications wars to create armies to control earths ruined hives and wastelands

also dreadnauts too

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Classes in Death Watch

Tactical Marine
Devastator Marine
Assault Marine

No Techmarine or Librarian in Final Sanction though, I guess they're too complex for a quick demo game. The six pregens consist of:

3 Tactical Marines (Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Storm Wardens)
1 Assault Marine (Dark Angel)
1 Devastator (Blood Angel)
1 Apothecary (Ultramarine)

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Personally, I like what I've seen of the Wardens so far. I like that they both gave a "nobody" chapter some representation and also finally gave the Calixis a its own home-team chapter.

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There are 6 chapters listed in DW.

Space Wolves
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (original Chapter)

However the Chapter rules aren't very massive. It'd be easy to come up with new Chapter Demeanors for other Chapters.

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How are the Wardens chaos-tainted? They seem fine to me. I like that they're finally giving the Calixis sector its own "Home Team Chapter" and including a new chapter they can do what they want with.

Besides, they have King Aurthur (Chapter Master) and the Knights of the Round Table (First Company) in stasis, thats kinda cool.

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This all sounds awesome.

I waaaaant.

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Free RPG Day soon, fellow fa/tg/uys!

One of which is the Deathwatch preview mission and quickstart rules. Two extra characters are already available online, as is a preview of Librarians.


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