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Be very, very sad, forever.

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Hey guys, do you know of any sad/horror stories like this one? No speech or minimal speech, comic style and preferably horror based, but sad is ok too.

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>tfw hit a creativity roadblock when coming up with a backstory for a character

What do you do to kickstart your muse, /pfg/?

How in-depth do you go?

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Are there any more of these pics anon?

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No... But I should, now you mention it. I want to play the monster bodyguard.

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How about mine? It's the same template, but he was made by biomancy, so he looks pretty weird. Don't worry, I'm cool with him being distrusted and feared by the guard and the like.

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"...I know you're still upset with him, but I wish you could've seen your dad out there. It was really something.

And for what it's worth, he still loves you guys just the same. He was ready to stick around tearing the place up, right up until he remembered you three were still at home worried sick about him."

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Jumpers, which is more powerful. Love or Cuteness?

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This is how I familiar.

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Reminds me of this

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My girlfriend and I adore the whole "beauty and the beast" thing.

Like, seriously, in all the games we've played together, our characters fit this bill.

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This strip is something akin to why post related happens for necromancers.

Be very warned, you may ruin your day if you click on this posts image.

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Life is always a great adventure!

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Okay, posted last time. I've started writing some profiles, and have minor ERP experience; never been on F-List Before. Wondering what people would think about these characters:

Rance. Possibly with a humanity fuck yeah side who wants to slay monstergirls to prove mankind's superiority, but ends up either fucking them or getting fucked by them and breaking up. Possibly a girl.

Prudish Ork type who's scared of sex, but secretly wishes a sweet, timid elf girl would rape him

A sarcastic, tired-out magical girl who needs people to relieve her stress and villains to punish.

A godzilla-sized Shadow of the Colossus styled tsundere who varies between wanting to squish little people and cuddle them.

An Excel-Saga styled subordinate for evil overlords, vying for his affections and acting cheerful and carefree. Or possibly an evil megalomaniac who constantly fails at schemes and gets beaten easily by superheroes.

A distant abomination from beyond, who manifests in people's thoughts and feeds of emotions. Think thoughtform/Tulpa, wants to become real, not completely sure what human morality is like.

A hacker with a thing for taking apart robot girls to examine their circuitry and give them rewirings and makeovers and reprogrammings.


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No way, its cute!

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