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Meets this. Karate-script-kiddie.

But really. If you're combat-decking you have one of two options:
AR-hacking, in which case you lose out on hotsim bonuses (and do not want to have one present in your system in case you get compromised and an attacker turns it on for you)
Or VR hacking with a vehicle/drone/car of some kind and relays. Little more work, not always feasable, and not everyone wants to head into rigger territory.

And if you're going AR-hacking; adepts are the best way to boost your skills to make up for lack of hotsim.
In fact, improved technical skill(from a group/skill @ 4) lets you start with hacking and combat skills at 6. Without breaking groups if that's important.

If you're not that worried about it or being magic, its basically a samurai with wired/movebywire + a high rating deck+programs and hardware toolkits instead of all of the guns.

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