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Holy shit I'm sorry anon.

Don't quit over it though. Look at it this way, it... Really can't ever get worse than that. Although the game sucked, pretty much every game from now on is going to be an improvement.

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And the traitors should constantly take him seriously and think he's being incredibly witty by being completely disinterested or something. Also this seems like the primarch for the Lazy Marines.

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>The best part though is that Hyenas give birth through their penis as well and that thing just proceeds to split open. This takes 2 weeks to heal.

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Hivefleet (Big Bugs - not real title 2014)
Focuses on Monstrous Creatures. Book adds variant rules for deployment and FOC changes for units like the Carnifex, letting you take them in both Heavy and Elites, plus the ability to operate independently. Hivefleet balances this with some prohibited units, and the inability to go first in any mission.

Hivefleet (Fast Bugs - not real title ???)
Focuses on high speed fast-moving bugs. FOC changes to emphasize these units such as Gargoyles as Troops, new abilities and special rules for Ravenors, while Gants get minor enhancements as well. This hivefleet is balanced by prohibiting "traditional" walking Monstrous Creatures. A new flying HQ unit is included.

Genestealer Cult (???)
The first "hybrid supplement" - this book will be a combined book for IG and Tyranids. It allows both codices to ally, but heavily restricts units selections on both. Look for smaller "infiltration bugs" such as Genestealers, Broodlords, Lictors and such from the Tyranid side while the Guard are very heavily restricted on units and heavy equipment. The list's HQ must include a psyker warlord from either the IG or Tyranid units allowed. A new psychic power list is included.

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>That feel when this is how the Iron Warriors decide to spawn their next batch of Chaos Space Marines.

Ugh, the deamoncabala was bad enough.

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>slaanesh's taint

You shouldn't have done that.

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Post your Chapter Master stories, /tg/!

>Roll up random Chapter, Imperial Fists successors
>Uneventful first century
>Purgan, smitan, burnan heretics
>Suddenly, WAAAGH!
>Undermanned due to sending dudes off on Crusades
>Send distress call
>"We shall stand beside you, brothers!"
>Okay, that shouldn't be--
>Signed, Lamenters
>Lamenters descend into Black Rage
>Lose homeworld as berserk Lamenters and Orks kill off my dudes

Is there ANY way to avoid getting screwed over when these guys are around?

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I really don't want to sound like a faggot but...

It looks hard...

But I have to agree.

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A fucking coherent and likable Tau player?

Looks like it's gonna be a good day. Thanks for posting, man.

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Who knew there were different types of stairs....are you aiding chaos to block our path?

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This should happen to Fuklaw.

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>Spock and Kirk in 20s gangster outfits

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You mean that technique actually works?

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