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>playing IN vs eldar
>see them line up to start a pulsar run
>have dictator microwarp in front of a cloud they'll flee too
>they spin around exactly as my ship warps and fires a torp spread
>all ahead full
>head on collision at full speed
>also able to ram another cruiser with my luna (dictator jump must have distracted them)

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I'm dying here.

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Could you put that into PDF and share?
I'll be happy to print it and put to use.

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Here /tg/. Something you may find useful next time some schmuck asks you about "free, not entirely shit-tier RPGs".


I hope you'll find it useful.

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>Make possessed marines a troop choice if they're going to suck and be that random.

>You don't need an HQ of a different chaos alliance. So you could have a lord of change in a wholly Khorne marked chaos marine squad. Chaos undivided.

>Make Alpha Legion CM's version of Legion of The Damned.

>Encourage mixing chaos daemons with chaos marines.

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/tg/ how would you go about fixing walkers in 40K?

Seeing that the majority of such units are dreadnoughts or daemon engines wouldn't it make sense for them to be able to do Smash attacks, and perhaps Hammer of Wrath? I think it would be fitting as they are mostly giant metal behemoths.

What do you guys think?

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Slaanesh is more about pride than hedonism. A steroid abuser is more prone to Slaanesh corruption than a child molester.

Chaos does not always equal sociopaths.

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>Dynamic Entrance

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The emperor has called upon my party to stop an ork WAAAGH! I figured the only way to do this is to kill the War boss. But if you look to Armageddon Ghazghkull Thraka was never killed. How do 3 guardsmen, a ratling and a psyker stop a WAAGH!?

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Why would any Eldar come aboard an Imperial ship NOT expecting to get raped?

If you're willing to commit sexual heresy and rape a xenos, you may as well use protection... and by that I mean kill her and fuck the dead, supple, body.

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Essentially the 40k universe is an epic rap battle with dead bodies instead of lyrics.

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My group's DM wants to make a 40k RTS table top game where players make their own space marine chapter. He's saying fuck all to cannon, cannon space marine chapters don't exist... so feel free to make your own. He actually plans to use a loosely based D&D skirmish system with flash cards and proxy miniatures. As we go on, we will collect more units or upgrades to old ones to represent gains in our army but we also risk heavy losses as any other chapter. We have to roll for resources and such. So far two players have dotted down their chapter.

>One is an Adeptus Mechanicus chapter who has some serious butthurt over Tzeetch cults and sorcery/psykers in general. They separate magic from technology.
>They're melee focused with lightsabers, and they are a heretical cult that worships some sort of warp entity that was actually trapped by Tzeetch. This creature wants to devour all things. It was at one point satisfied eating in the warp, but Tzeetch trapping it has made it hungry and ravenous. (A C'tan?)

>The other chapter is actually a reformed chaos chapter. During the Horus Heresy they fell to Nurgle because they felt they were not getting any respect from The Imperium. They focus almost entirely on poison warfare, and smoke bombs for confusion as well as combining the two to leave you blinded and suffocating on arsenic or something.
>However... somewhere along the way the cult turned on Nurgle and chaos as a whole. Perhaps they discovered some very dark things about chaos that even high level Inquisitors don't know. Now they seem to focus on eliminating Chaos, but most especially Nurglings. Whatever motivated them to turn on Chaos... The Imperium has begrudgingly accepted their help in the grim dark war, but they're to be watched carefully as it may be a trick.

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If you can get the Supernatural PDF, I'll toss up all I have in a day or so, I'll throw up a thread with links.

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Gonna bamp it a few times with random 40k shit before i let it die.

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More so then play a space marine chapter, there's just chapters I won't touch with a ten foot force pole.

>Black Templars (only because their crunch does not match their fluff.)
>Blood Angels (broken shit for shit heads)

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Large walkers filled with half-dead super humans need love too.

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I can't speak for fluff, but I know the game itself would be far more balanced were there no grey-knights or blood ravens.

If GW was not composed of Jews and Matt Ward, they'd have a space marines codex with different sub-sections devoted to different chapters using the same units rather then have entirely different codexes for one fucking chapter.

I mean hell... The Inquisition was just a side note on the grey-knights codex!

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Yes lets bring some our Revenants, The Shadow Guard, a Dreadnaught Chasis, 4 Apothecaries, 3 Techmarines and 3 Thunderhawks with us on the 'Morbid'.

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