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Damn, forgot the pic.

Someone Important looks a little green at all the severed heads and what looks to be an only partially dressed dragonborn woman coming out of this savage dragonborn's BoH, but turns to me presenting the instrument and smiles faintly. "That's some artifact." I nod solemnly, glad I have a high ass bluff. I'm ready for us to bid her farewell and be on our way, even inviting her to my home for entertainment some time, when the contract killer, hereby known as CK, opens up his mouth.

Cutting it short, he blurts out we were here under orders by the demigod. She clearly knows who we are talking about, and thanks us for the information. CK asks for payment since she found the information so informative, and I groan thinking we're about to get locked in a basement. To our surprise she pays us, saying it's a drop in the ocean for her. Well then.

We take our wealth and scatter to the winds for a week in-game. When we tune back in the session is beginning at dinner. The DM asks us what we bring to dinner. Clearly something is going to happen at this dinner. He's hinted at it during the week, and asking that is a tip-off. I sigh and say "Just my magic stuff that needs attunement. Why would I bring all my gear and weapons to dinner in this place that's in another dimension and has been safe for more than a month in-game?" He agrees with my logic and we continue. Lo and behold baddies teleport into the middle of dinner. Dinner consisted of me, CK, and two NPC groups. One was super high level, another was a couple levels ahead of us but nowhere near the bad guys' level. One of the bad guys is a lich, who throws a spell of some kind. DM does some rolls, has me roll a d100. I get hit, knocking me into the low teens for health.

Demigod looks at them grimly, looks to us, and suddenly screeches "Run!" before exploding into light. We take advantage of a sun appearing in the room and run the fuck away.

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Close enough! Recycled his name onto other characters, I'll start using their pictures.

So Rikell knows he just pissed off a big fish of the black market. He goes back to Morty and-
"Morty's a pretty big fish on the black market, right? People wouldn't fuck with him?"
"Yeah, lots of people know Morty. People wouldn't mess with him."
"Ok, cool."
- Rikell asks Morty to take a message back to [Jewish guy] that Rikell is sorry, and no hard feelings. Here's a fair amount of money, blah blah. Rikell then returns to his shop.
Let me iterate that. He sent Morty to take a message, and immediately walked up the street to his shop.
Arriving at the shop there is a letter on his counter. The counter behind his locked door. So he opens it and a necklace tumbles out. It's Morty's, and there is blood on it.
"Wait, what? How long did it take me to walk up the street?"
"I don't know, awhile."
>"Oh shit no, he's getting murdered now."
So Rikell starts whipping out runes in preparation to go murder the Jew. At the time, minor runes like Entangle, Explode, or Freeze took less than an hour to make. While he's working another PC, the shadow-stepper, comes into the shop. He's been asking around about getting his sword enchanted with lightning and was pointed to my shop.
>"Hey, I was looking to get some lightning enchantments on my sword."
>"I can do that, but I'm a little busy at the moment. You look like you can fight, help me get revenge and I'll enchant your sword for free. Normally it's 500 gold."
>"Yeah, ok."

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