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Okay fine I get the point. Thanks for your input.

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Thank you good friend. I am trying to cover all the major plot holes in the fluff section. Unfortunately I know that will probably be impossible. This is why I am going to release betas to /tg/ so you all can call me out on my bullshit. I'm going to try my best to handle everything. I'm sorry, but I will ask for your guy's help to play test and help me out.

(I was thinking of having a section in the back of the book, and play testers who help me out will be able to put a message that will be enshrined in the "special thanks" section. Maybe some kind of gift as well if I can afford it. It might have to be a first come first serve for the gifts, but everyone can be in the play test thanks)

Yeah, seems that way unfortunately.

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>Everyone's been posting about wanting to play Rogue Trader online for days
>I'm on the game finder doc willing to run Rogue Trader
>Keep mentioning that
>Empty inbox

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That's just disappointing. It sounded so fun.

Everwhirling Chain
This +4 defending everdancing spiked chain of speed continuously twitches in its wielder’s hands. The wielder of the everwhirling chain can use it to make any number of attacks of opportunity per round (as if he or she had the Improved Combat Reflexes feat).

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Awww no one will post it? :(

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