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As it gets harder for new writers to break into the industry and bring fresh, younger heroes with them, most writing is actually done by established talent who are mostly male, middle aged and white. And even if it isn't, they usually get focus-tested to crap to favor older, white male protagonists.

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Sam Vimes.

This is how you play Lawful Good.

The Law is above men and gods and governments. You can bend it. If it gets hot enough you can bend it into a corkscrew but you must never break it. If it breaks it all breaks down until there is nothing left unbroken.

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That's what I thought you meant
This sounds about right. Lawful Good, certainly, but Lawful before Good.

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Fuck yeah!

But this isn't really on-topic. For OP's sake, let's discuss his ideas.

For my part, I'm kinda' blase towards manouevres from that book. Then again, I just tend to prefer playing simpler classes, and I never gave it a really fair shot.

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I based a LG God on him for me and my friend's homebrew setting.

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Sam Vimes says hello.

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>You saved my daughter from a vicious dragon, and now you're leaving to hunt down a malicious Lich and bring him to justice?

"That's about the size of it."

>However can we repay you?

"Soldiers, if you please."

>A garrison to aid you on your quest?

"No, sliced toast to aid me with my eggs. A cuppa wouldn't go amiss either, there's a lad."

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dear DMs of /tg/,

how do you design your local authorities? During my first sessions i DMed i nearly spent no time in designing a town watch, police or anything else. Either their simply was none, or they totally incompetent.

With experience came the insight, that a town should have at least some smaller watch. First i was afraid that my players won't like the idea of others fighting for the same cause. Gone were the times when everyone was helpless and just waited for the adventuerers to save their asses.

I noticed, though, that it was actually pretty fun. There was much more credibility and even more chances for good roleplay. And it is a good way to show your players, that there are a lot of more powerful characters both at the good and the evil side. It is a good way for intrigues, too. The players will never know wether the city watch within a new city is loyal or corrupted.

How do you design your watchmen, are they to weak or/and stupid to even catch a goblin, or do you allow them to actually do some work on their own.

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They genuine pork?

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What makes a good character, /tg/? Not good in the sense of morals, but of writing and character-building? What makes for good NPCs?
Also, share your character concepts.

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Not exactly your avarage run of the mill wizard, but it works

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By being more outrageously insane about Justice than the other guy is about Crime.

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> Not playing a world-weary Menzoberranzan guardswoman who is modeled after pic related

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OP here, some awesome stuff already.

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>Lego Batman
>The dragonborn
>Commander Vimes

jesus, i hit the jackpot.

warforged detective monk with an empowered voice module capable of blasting shit apart?

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