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It's pretty good, but bullying is never good.
Unless it's the good kind~.

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>buy pet robot
>go to work
>come home
>see maids fucking it up

What do /tg/?

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Air war is basically unnecessary if you have warships in orbit. Air can't touch space, space can reach out and bitch-slap anything in air or land or sea if i has right weapons. If you want to occupy dirtballs, you smash clean an LZ with orbital assets and drop infantry and armor on the spot, with assault shuttles giving close-in "air" support I imagine. If we still use manned combat units or drones...no idea really. We tend to distrust electronics in favour of human element, so fully autonomic combat drones are unlikely to say the least.

Oh, and NO MECHS. Never. Mechs require plot armor to even compete on equal ground with tanks, without it they're completely pointless.

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Fucking maids.

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[19:17] * Catherine picks up a spoon and fork and starts moving them about her head like radio antennas!
[19:20] <Hazuki> "..." Hazuki is still standing at attention stiffly, but he leans forward. "Those are utensils, not toys."
[19:20] <Catherine> "SHHH!!! I'm connecting to the INTERNET!"

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