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Alright, here goes.

A young Commissar and a petite female psyker sitting on the same couch, not together, and drinking coffee or tea. The Commissar is starting to lose his composure and is looking like he's about to fall asleep or go unconscious. The Psyerker has a "just as planned" face or even a "you gonna get tenderly loved" if you feel up to it.

The Commissar is wearing something similar to what the guy in the pic on the left is wearing. But instead of a visor cap, it's somewhat like a Soviet afgan field officer's cap. He himself doesn't look that old at all, very early 20s to be precise, seeing how he's just a cadet at most. The Psyker is at least a head-shorter than the Commissar, but she's actually around 5 to 7 years his junior. She could be wearing typical psyker attire, but I believe she was wearing some sort of maid outfit at that time.

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Think anyone can do a rendition of my DH conscripted guardsman?

I describe him as a somewhat svelte-looking figure, emphasized by his generally form-fitting uniform. The uniform in question has the appearance of the uniform to the left in the picture, only that there's flak armor fitted on his torso, crotch, thighs, forearms, and shoulder. His weapon of choice is a autogun taking after the appearance of a Russian SKS, only that the fore-grips look like that of a standard issue lasgun.

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A somewhat young and svelte guardsman. He's wearing a uniform just like the man to left in the picture, but of course, it's a bit form-fitting to show how skinny the guardsman is and it has flak armor on his thighs, shoulders, and chest. His weapon of choice would be an auto-gun that looks like an SKS. The furniture on the auto-gun looks exactly like the synthetic furniture used on a standard-issue Imperial lasgun. His face is obscured by a balaclava, but his eyes convey a look of slight naivety and complacency.

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