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Happy birfmass OP! Ironically, my bday is tomorrow and I used to run deathguard a few editions ago when I played 40k.

I wish you all of papa Nurgle's love!

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Playing Blight Druid and only spellcaster in the group.
Get some Putrid Wooden Armor.

At level 5th immediately start buffing party, every member of the city guard rushes me. Everybody that comes within 10 feat has to take a DC14 fort or be sickened for five rounds and everyone within 5 feat has to take a DC16 fort save be sickened for one round on top of that.

And you get access to bleeding touch attacks along with the Death:Murder Domain.

The I'm the party tank.

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I was referring to this:

>Though many other Space Marines have dedicated themselves to Nurgle since the Horus Heresy, few ever achieve the ranks of the Plague Marines. Those who truly wish to join this most elite of foetid cadres swear loyalty to the Death Guard and their Primarch Mortarion. Only then will Nurgle bestow upon them the corrupting ague that created the Plague Marines.

>Outside of the Death Guard, a favoured few Sorcerers of Nurgle know the secrets of the Plague Marines, and Abaddon of the Black Legion has won most of these foetid spellcasters to his cause. For many favours and service, these blight-carriers will bestow the gift of Plague Marinehood to the worthy who swear loyalty to Nurgle and to the Black Legion.

- Codex: Chaos Space Marines 4E, page 38

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Perhaps you can clear something else up while your at it; where does the chaos marines wide power plant/backpack come from? is it just an innovative design developed post-heresy by the dark mechanicus?

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That's what's usually done, but it has the problem of getting expensive FAST if you want anything more durable than regular plague marines. Best thing to do with a Typhus model imo is to convert him into a Mortarion model and run him as another DP.

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40k. Way way better, and yes I'd love to participate.

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bump for chaos

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People join nurgle because they're forced to join him. People with terminal illneses pray to him to take away the pain or to let them live. It's the fear of death through disease that grants him power.

Unless you're born on one of the worlds where the dark gods whole sway, then you see nurgle as some sort of fertility god who spreads plagues around which are good. These people are 100% crazy.

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Gotta study, I'll check back later

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It's not that hard to fall to Nurgle. If your world is being ravaged by diseases and plagues, which is not uncommen in the 40k universe, you'll rather choose to side with Nurgle than to be driven insane and die by all the diseases.

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oh, duhr, was looking at the liquor/books/models and missed the can. I'm a bit afraid of using spray, is why I asked, though. I don't want to lose any detail or anything, especially on my custom models. my friend had some bad experience with GW stuff

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nope, you can fill your troops choices with them

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But on 2d6 on average you're going to roll a 7. Which means the loss of three models which seems about average for Jaws or even Blood Lance. And since the units owner gets to pick I doubt they're just going to kill off their characters or sergeants. So you have a reliable chance to kill a model...I don't think it's really all that bad.


Caustic Fog: Used at the beginning of the Turn. All armor penetration rolls made against vehicles within 12” of the Psyker get a +1 bonus. Additionally, the armor saves of any unit not bearing the Mark of Nurgle are reduced by 1.

Plague of Flies: Used at the beginning of the turn. Until the beginning of your next turn all friendly units within 12” of the Psyker gain a 5+ cover save, even while in the open. Additionally, all enemy units within 12” move as if in difficult terrain.

Acid Burst: Used during the shooting phase, can be used while in close combat. Place a small blast template in base contact with the Psyker, must make an armor save or suffer instant death.

Touch of Death: Used at the beginning of the assault phase. All models in base contact with pyker are reduced to toughness 1 until the end of the phase.

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Picture related. Cause Plague is best.
Nurgle = voluptuous.
Me = happy. :3

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