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I was a little skeptical about the 10-degree tilt for tapping before but combined with how they shade tapped cards and put a big ol' symbol on them I'm actually okay with how it turned out.

It's pretty good desu. Not Hearthstone polished but I think I'd choose this over Magic Duels if they had the same card pools, and I'd choose a lobotomy over MTGO.

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>roll 20 for sense motive
>You discover unconfessed love

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Yeah, burgers all read that book in grade school. It's cool that you got to see it in a place where it was pretty hidden instead of shoved down your throat. It probably makes the book seem a bit more profound.

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You are a cool guy anon.

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>He's a geek
>Calls other anons "cringe inducing shits"

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Thanks mate, that's exactly it

Absolutely! We're starting in 45, anon. Going to be able to make it?

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Definitely yes!

GK are boring and Exorcists are the only acceptable variation. If i will ever play GK, it will be with the exorcists skin.

There are ways to print your own decals anyway.

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Love the poofy trousers.

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I'm trying to make a hacker in 4e, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of commlink and programs and shit I would need. Also, what stuff would I need if I wanted to be a bit of a rigger as well?

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so youre a communist right?
pic related

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>Let yourself in. We're gonna stumble on keiko masturbating obviously

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Cool thread, eses.
Can you guys help me with an unnarmed fighter, preferably human. 1 flaw allowed.

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>3.5 optimizing thread
I was getting tired of all that WH40K.
Keep on the good work, guys.

BTW, how do you max an elven zen archer cleric as a buffer?
Hard mode: it has to be an vanila elf and has to take the zen archery feat.
One flaw allowed.
aaaand.... go! the winner will get 200 internet cookies!
(I saw some guy talking about this build the other day, pleb values flavor over power, nigga dont know that the die favors the strong)

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So is this a project you guys are doing? That's cool as dicks. I hope it goes well. Now back to Gundam Build Fighters.

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>mfw Lutherans are now the biggest liberal sissies of all the protestant sects
How ironic.

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