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is this the full IG 6th edition codex?


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>Doombreed shrieks with pain and disbelief. He releases me. I fall, then rise again on wings whose light of glory is so intense they make the daemon prince shield his eyes. Smoke rises from his right hand. There are fires that will burn even the likes of him.

>On his column of lava, he makes for me, reaching with claws to tear me apart, an aura of unspeakable energy gathering around him. But between my hands is my answer. Fuelled by the rage of Blood Angels at war, the gift of our tragic inheritance, it is a sphere of coruscating blood, and it is the manifestation of my infinite will.

>‘For Sanguinius!’ I roar. These are the wages of Doombreed’s game. This is his repayment for the blasphemies that he has wreaked. This is my most perfect act in the service of my primarch. I unleash the orb, and all of creation vanishes in the holocaust of my power. All is blood, boiling blood, the blood that is summoned by the death of all things.

>Summoned by the Lord of Death.

I think not!

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Probably because he was busy humbling DOOMBREED!

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Hello again, foul greenskins.

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thats a cute helmet, itll look nice on my belt

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