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>Character is a CIA Paramilitary asset who has gone through two years of Delta green.
>During that time, there's been the incident where a shoggoth threw a log at her, the time they blew up an entire group of innocent women and children that could have been saved, direct mental contact with what I'm pretty sure was Y'golonac and the destruction of the first cell due to various corrupting factors.
>No fucks given, let's just keep trucking.
>So we cut to another Opera gone FUBAR.
>The entire populace is going crazy, massive riot and everything.
>Be cut off from the cell and ultimately end up shot to pieces.
>Just about to bleed out when some guy comes to the rescue in the nick of time.
>Turns out to be the character's closest friend who had been in a coma for years now.
>He's starting to explain all this shit and enlists help in dealing with the cause of what's happening in this town.
>This has to be a hallucination, especially when he requests the help of my half crippled character. But let's roll with it!
>Due to the awkward circumstances, all that the character wanted to say got quelled in favor of professionalism.
>Just at the last moment, it looks the worst.
>Buddy looks like he's about to get eaten or blown up.
>Instead of pulling off the heroic rescue, all my character can do is colapse over in a puddle of mud and watch her best friend blow himself up roughly an hour into their reunion.

Welcome to Delta Green.

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Or a Hunter thread.

Anyone else run Delta Green as a subsection of TFV?

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We know the answer

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Currently running a DG/Laundry hybrid myself.
I'll be running my group through a modified version of the God-Machine from http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18324998/ in a few days.

I also did a bit of the DG recruitment process. Just one session as regular agents before being introduced into the mythos. Honestly I think it's better than having them be members of DG from the start.

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Well you've got your operators, operating operationally, and then there happen to be cultists. I'd suggest reading the rulebook if you want to get more of a feel for it.

My experience is that it's pretty similar to CoC, but with a little more aggression on the part of the PCs.

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Did someone say Delta Green?

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I am really starving for more DG. The Laundry is cool though.

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Any good /tg/ related wallpapers out there? My video card broke, and now my resolution is stuck at the abominable 1400x1050, so that's what I'd favor, but fuck I'll take anything. 40k, M:tG, DnD, Delta Green, whatever.

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It would be easy actually. Just an eye, and a typical Paranoia line.

Delta Green has been hard for me. The logo, plus...What?

Make your own banners then.

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show them this

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>GM or Player

Delta Green

>Available time / Time Zone
-4 (Atlantic Canada)



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You need to OPERATE this up OPERATIONALLY as if you were an OPERATOR or you're done for; whoever is in here is tough, smart and/or fast enough to take out a random sec guard just walking down the street without anyone noticing or if someone did notice taking them out fast and silently enough not to alert anyone else.

"Guys, we need to work this really carefully. Sarge, can I take over?" you mumble into your mike. Sarge just gives you a sideways look out of his gasmask and a nod. He knows he isn't the spryest anymore.

"Jenkins, Fitz, Sarge, you stay back and cover me while I go check out the guardhouse. Stick up a smoke or something, try to look inconspicious. Sarge, radio around for anything in the vicinity and give HQ a heads-up about the situation Ben, you're on point. Alex, on me."

"Oh, you'd like me on you, wouldn't you?" she sasses you right back, her usual wolfish grin concealed by the mask. Alex just strolls past you two shaking his head.

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Good luck suing what doesn't officially exist.

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Also, this picture is the best summary of the Delta Green mood and experience. Your game should feel something like this if you're running it, and if this sounds good to you, you should play it.

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Quick bumps for Delta Green.

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Hell ya Delta Green!

Dumping images for your inspiration

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Expanding on this:
Are they part of a contract or conspiracy? Make that matter. Sometimes your allies can be your worst enemy. Task Force VALKYRIE is a great example of this, at least how I view them. Nine Millimeter Retirement Plans all around.

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So. Delta Green. Sorta interested in downloading a PDF of it from somewhere, but I want to know if it's any good.

Thought's /tg/?

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delta green in japan, how would that turn out?

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Could be cool in a Dresedn Files game as well I guess.

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Run Delta Green.

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