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>>822.M41 The Skull of Ker'ngar
>>Abaddon the Despoiler raids the maiden world of Ildanira, seeking the Skull of Ker'ngar. Confounded by ambushing parties of Rangers from Alaitoc Craftworld, the Black Legion lay waste to the planet, bombarding its surface from orbit. Before the Warmaster can complete his conquest, Eldar reinforcements arrive and drive his Legion back into the Warp.

Guess whose skull the Black Legion supplement has in its Chaos Artefacts list.

Guess who led the Alaitoc Rangers according to the same supplement.

I'm not even anti-Illic. Just anti-Carnac.

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Makes you wonder who the hell does his hair for him?

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>‘Khayon,’ the Warmaster says. I turn at my name, looking at Abaddon, who alone among us stands barefaced in the rain. It is difficult for those of us with sixth senses to look at him for long.

>‘Ezekyle,’ I reply, already looking away.

>‘What do you counsel?’

>He knows that I am weary of this war. I have threatened, more than once, to take my fleet and sail ahead of the Legion, hunting other prey. Only by the Warmaster’s request have I stayed with them here, on the front lines.

>‘If you wish me to divine destiny from his entrails, brother, I suggest you ask the White Seer or the Weeping Girl.’

>I risk another glance towards him. His eyes glint unhealthily amber in the fading sun. Veins cobweb beneath his cadaverous skin, thick with the power that ripens his immortal flesh.

>hear his sword beginning to whisper to me, and realise that I have looked for too long.

>At once, I turn back to the prisoner. The warrior – a captain of his thin-blooded Chapter – trembles as death draws near. One of his hearts has already failed. The blood-stink is strong on him; not even the heavy rain and the bitter wind can hide it. His breaths rattle in his half-cut throat.

>‘I need no prophecy from his death throes,’ Abaddon tells me, and steps forward himself. He rests the Talon’s curved scythe-blades on the prisoner’s shoulder. ‘Why did you allow yourself to be taken?’

>The brother-captain lifts his head and… spits upon the clawed blades of a weapon that butchered a primarch.

>Lheor chuckles, wet and dark. Telemachon’s laughter is a mellifluous thing, inspiring others to laugh with him. Even I feel a smile creep across my mouth at this warrior’s last act of defiance. Rain washes the acidic gobbet of saliva from the curved adamantium.

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Bane of Angels, anon.

Do the Chaos Marines seem like angels to you?

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A false theory.

The progenitor of the Blood Ravens was more or less confirmed.

The Blood Ravens are mine, body and soul

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>The denizens of the Eye have learned over the millennia that those who swear an oath of fealty to the Despoiler would do well not to break it. When the World Eaters that had promised their aid to Abaddon left his armies to join the fighting upon Skalathrax, the Warmaster abandoned his plans, tracked the Berzerkers down and severed their limbs before cauterising their wounds with a flamer, leaving them as little more than screaming stumps unworthy of a place at the Blood God’s table. When the Emperor’s Children that had joined the Black Legion turned upon their masters at Faeruthia he blinded and deafened them to a man, tearing out their tongues and sealing them in inert gel-skin so their sensory deprivation was complete. Upon the crystal planet of Liolonac the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons denied Abaddon the audience they had promised him, having found a relic of unsurpassed value. The Warmaster visited a mutagenic plague upon them that twisted them into bulging repulsive mounds of flesh before lobotomising them and hunting them until death with a pack of warped hounds.

>Abaddon’s vengeance is not limited to his brother Traitors. When a wilderness shrine upon Plutol refused to bow to his authority, Abaddon killed every other human upon the planet before personally visiting the shrine and forcing the priests to eat the bodies of those they had once prayed for. Such is the magnitude and thoroughness of each act of revenge that even Daemons fear to cross Abaddon. In his singleminded quest to bring the galaxy to heel he earned a new name; the Despoiler, he who would stop at nothing to secure revenge.

Why is Abaddon such a dick?

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>SMs and their bullshit-laden Codex in <48 hours

I'm buying two Heldrakes.

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And that pathetic excuse for a topknot is disgraceful. Seriously, it doesn't even look like hair.

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>Loken tried to imagine the future, but the image would not form. Death would wipe them all from history. Not even the great First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon would survive forever. There would be a time when Abaddon no longer waged bloody war across the territories of humanity.

>Loken sighed. That would be a sad day indeed. Men would cry out for Abaddon’s return, but he would never come.

>He tried to picture the manner of his own death. Fabled, imaginary combats flashed through his mind. He imagined himself at the Emperor’s side, fighting some great, last stand against an unknown foe. Primarch Horus would be there, of course. He had to be. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Loken would battle, and die, and perhaps even Horus would die, to save the Emperor at the last.

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Fight you fools, for while you do...EZEKYLE ABADDON will destroy you ALL!

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The Blood Ravens are Black Legion.

The Blood Angels are loyalist scum!

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>“Twelve times has the Despoiler held the galaxy within his grasp, and each time he had but to claim what was his for the taking. I am now sure there exists some greater scheme, some unfathomable logic driving Abaddon in his endeavours. I ask myself, ‘Why has he not claimed the gifts the ruinous powers must certainly have proffered him? Why does he still walk amongst mortals when surely the path of elevation to Daemonhood has been set before him twelve times and more?’ The one conclusion I can draw is that the Despoiler’s motives lie not with the abstract, spiritual power of the Empyrean: more, they lie with the mundane, with physical, earthly power. Abaddon is driven by hatred and bitterness, to such an extent that he will not rest until he sees righted the wrong he perceives committed against him and his kind ten millennia past by our lord the Emperor. Perhaps after his thirteenth Black Crusade he will consider his mission complete, and only then will he assume the mantle of Daemonhood, over the very ashes of the Imperium.”

>The Heretic Archivist of the Gethsemane Reclusium (executed 963.M41)

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I'd say that Abs actually comes off much worse from that confrontation. While it may have been based on a battle report, it's still the only time he's been depicted as going up against another character post-Heresy*... and he lost. Against a guy who, while a skilled fighter in his own right, is a seer first and a warrior second.

* Well, unless you count his duel against Brother-Captain Stern in Apocalypse. Which he also lost.

Meanwhile you have guys like Calgar, Mephiston and Draigo pissing over everything they see. Admittedly, Calgar did get beaten by the Swarmlord on Macragge, but then he smashed its face in on Ichar IV so I guess they're even.

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Because to bring an end to the meddling Imperium of Man once and for all the forces of evil need to unite!

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Nonsense, you're being mislead by false hints.

If there will be Dow 3, It will be about Captain Aramus's voyage to the Eye of Terror where he will meet his True Liege (Picture Related).

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>ridiculous amount of psykers?

They recruit from worlds known to have a high population of Pyskers and mutants. That's the reason behind it.

And their thirst for knowledge stems from their daddy issues.

>expecting rationality from a bloodthirsty lunatic around whom people don't live long enough to become Chaos Lords

Chosen of Abaddon meet Anon, Anon meet Chosen of Abaddon.

If there is ever a rational and pragmatic sort in Chaos, then it is Abaddon. He wouldn't waste resources and get sidetracked from his ultimate goal unless it's something important.

Why is a young nobody Chapter so important to Abaddon? Why does he desire their souls and geneseed?

BECAUSE THEY'RE THE SONS OF HORUS. Abaddon wouldn't care otherwise.

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Not much to retcon. That one little summoning chant in the first 3rd edition codex was all the fluff he had.

>I think the last time he actually did anything was in the EoT campaign and he went on to Abbadon's flag ship and killed a bunch of his lieutenants then laughed at Abbadon.

If by that you mean he killed one of Abaddon's bodyguards, Abby didn't care, then Cypher requested the Despoiler leave the Dark Angels to him, all the while remaining respectful, then yeah.

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I was born the sixth son of Kaschada, hetman of the Tabor on the day that the Great Prophet came among us. The Tabor were the outcasts of the world, condemned because we were faithful to the Gods of the Four Winds: the Blood Wind that fired the warrior’s soul, the Plague Wind that purged the weak, the Wind of Change that brought the gifts of the Gods to men and the Scented Wind that roused the passions.

Our enemies were the Otman, men of the cities who served the Sky God. For centuries they had scoured the grasslands, hunting us down, but with the coming of the Prophet that all changed.

In my fourteenth year, I was part of the horde that swept into the city of Jaghann and put the inhabitants to the slaughter. Those were great days; the Tabor were masters of the wide grasslands, raiding and plundering at our pleasure. I owned four gold-chased pistols and a fine Qaseen sabre. I flew my hawks, wore robes of silk and accepted no insult from any man. One by one the cities of the Otman fell before us and great caravans of slaves stretched across the plains to the mountain of the Prophet, for sacrifice to the winds.

The prophet was a man like no other; taller than any of the Tabor, he wore armour of jet and gold, his great gauntlet could shatter any barred gate and his blade could cut even Qaseen steel. No man could meet his burning gaze and the hetmen of the clans learned from him of the true nature of the Gods and how to bring death to our enemies.

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Abaddon demands moar redshirt!

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Behold the new Master of Mankind. He even has a claw on one hand and a sword in the other, just like the old (false) Emperor.

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An impostor. The topknot - if it can truly be deemed such - gives it away.

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Funfax about Imotekh and Abaddon:

>Imotekh attacks forge world Hypnoth, but Imperial reinforcements manage to tie down his legions for several months. Eventually Orikan the Diviner looks at the stars and deduces that Imotekh should attack Hypnoth's two supply worlds Praedis-Zeta and Nyx. The Stormlord does so, but a Tyranid infestation makes itself known on Nyx. Imotekh manipulates the Tyranids into attacking the Imperials, then retreats. A year later he returns to Hypnoth and his Crypteks disable the planet's defences with a technovirus.

>Abaddon decides to bring down the Imperial Navy dockyard Cancephalus. However, he chooses to attack its supply world Antecanis instead of facing the Naval fortress's formidable defences. His fleet, consisting of both Black Legion ships and those of his allied warbands, breaks through Antecanis's orbital defences after a week. The Daemon Prince Dhar'leth leads the vanguard of the assault on the capital Monarchive, slaughtering his way through the lower levels for sixteen days and sending columns of slaves hundreds of kilometres long back to the Black Legion's landers. Receiving word of incoming Imperial armies, and his fleet already harried by attacks from the Silver Skulls, Abaddon leads the final assault on Monarchive himself, capturing the hive in just two days. Millions of slaves are taken, and Abaddon and his Black Legion depart Antecanis as soon as the first Imperial Guard transports break from the Warp, smashing through the Silver Skulls cordon. Their allies are given no warning, left behind to delay the Imperials. Within a year, Cancephalus is unable to refit even the smallest warships, and Abaddon is free to ravage the sector at will. Antecanis itself is plunged into a seven-year war from which it will never recover.

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Compare and contrast these two, guys.

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