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Its what begun this whole Smut thread venture, more or less. Lewd asked for some text to inspire art and I, in a very amateurish way by my current standards, provided some very lewd 40k material.

Attached is page 1 of that collab. Lewd did 4 pages before life/work burned him out. I dont think it'll ever be finished, not least because something like this probably takes a huge amount of effort, and there was quite alot of smut.

If you want to read the story in question, its on 1d4chan under Sister of Solace.

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See, LewdAnon started a comic! Then stopped...

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JustAnother Writefag here, I wrote some erofic to demand about the same time Provider was operating. Only one of my fics got archived on 1d4chan, Sister of Solace, and also my first/probably not my best. However I have all my other erofics saved, and would be happy to upload them wherever anyone who wants them would most like to see them.

I'm also happy to take requests if anyone wants any new erofics written up, though don't want to derail OP's artthread.

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Whelp, here's page 1.

Fuck vehicles though, why couldn't you just skip to the steamy parts...?

I might throw in some backgrounds later but I'll be damned to draw a freaking cathedral/monetary at this hour.

P.S. I'm only adding the narrative in the fist page.

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