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Go for it, old models look like ass

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Why is there no love for the Emperors Children?
Pre and Post heresy? What happened between the love/respect from The Sons of Horus?

>Purest Gene Seed
>Best swordsmen
>Emp Himself let us wear his eagle
>Prettiest Primarch (tied with the emps wife aka Sanguinius)
>Swagest Armor scheme
And then
>Funnest God
>Get shit done, spreading parties
>qt daemonettes we share with you
>Doesn't lead failed crusades and we have both (if not more) our arms
Are you just mad we be style'n on you?

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Does Khorne get off to orks krumping things?
Since the fluff has changed the gods to be timeless and not human-specific (is that true?) (obviously Slaanesh gets off to Deldar)

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