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Ive recently been looking into the tabletop of 40k and wanted to know if its viable to make an army based around infiltrating/sniping/cloaking. However i dont know what faction would be best suited for this. I dont know much about units and wanted to see if you can help me out. Is this a common build? How stupid is this idea? Have you ever played against someone with that type of build? How did you fair? Thanks in advance to all who reply.
I dont care if it doesnt win, I just really enjoy the flavor of having an invisible army that can set up awesome flanks.

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> Drop the combi-bolter off the Berzerker Champion. Berzerker's have two uses in the shooting phase: running, in order to get closer to the enemy for subsequent turns, or firing their pistols in order to charge. The combi-bolter will not be of use.

> Icon of Wrath - I cannot stress how important this is. You could go "yeah, they've already got Furious Charge". +1 to Assault results, and re-rolling charge range; it's great, it'll secure your assaults more often that. For 20 points, this is worth it.

> Run Berzerkers in one or two ways - mob them out in footslogging armies, or take them in Land Raiders. They suffer so much in metal bawxes, not being able to assault. In a 2k game, i'll often take three squads of 10 man Zerkers (or sometimes up to about 13 man squads)

> Kharn; this fucking guy, he is the bee's knees. His warlord trait will make combats with him involved extra nasty. Gorechild rips through anything and everything. Betrayal is not a problem in most combats, considering Hatred everything allows you to re-roll misses in combat (which for Kharn, is just 1's). Armourbane will fuck up vehicles if that takes your fancy, and he's generally a goos special character. His downfall, is he'll die like your average marine. Don't send him out on suicide missions when he's got the potential to be insta-gibbed, or shot down by regular dakka. Zerkers, Possessed, or even Cultists make a good body guard for the Betrayer.

> Explain what you want your CSM to do. Don't give them Plasma guns if you want to make them assault focussed - rapid-fire special weapons shouldn't be taken where assault special weapons could go (consider flamers and melta's, in any combination). If you do want to put them in charge of camping objectives, consider taking off the Mark of Khorne, making them a smaller squad (10-15). Consider using cultists if your looking at camping objectives

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I'm not really getting this pic. Is that tau trying to imitate a bird or.. what?

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>So why do you play a game about killing and murder?
If you don't know the answer to that question, you need to get the fuck out of here and never ever return.

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what this guy said could be the only way that such a magic user that worship khorne would work khornate war preists that use's khornes divine rage and channels it to boost troops and himself.

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And that is all there is to it.

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"Khornates take no artful approach to killing, seeking only to slay rather than to inflict pain, because while the blood of their victims strengthens Khorne, their suffering actually empowers his nemesis Slaanesh."

Maim - To injure, disable, or disfigure, usually by depriving of the use of a limb or other part of the body

"Kill! Maim! Burn!

There is something wrong with this battlecry. Discuss

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Khornate Proverbs thread, go!

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