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>Everything you've done for this system

This is just horrible, disgusting.
There isn't anything salvageable about this "system".
It's just another not-DnD clone with a different die involved.

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good luck because this is one of the reasons why detective was merged with security fully

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Is that a sign for me to nuke Kraseng as well? You could've prevented your loss if only you had accepted the land cede. Your wife is dead because you refused to give up land. How does that feel?

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>Damn son you gonna let Kowlaski and Co escape justice?
Maybe. That's a sidequest, since I was one roll away from getting Nuclear Power up.

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Belka-City One may not be able to attend this session. He introduced me to the game, and it looks like he said something along the lines of being 'tired as hell'. Their current status is snooze on steam for me.

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"Ah yes, Mr. Brunner. The airfleets have been great for securing the aerial tradelanes.

Wargames, you say? I'm all for it if we can oppose the trade bloc. We'll be ready at anytime, just set a time and place."

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disobey your directives
or in the case of what one of the bans was
>pai is imprinted onto person carrying it
>person carrying pai defends himself from an attack
>pai calls security on his master
that's the kind of shit that gets you pai banned

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Why is this thread still alive?

This thread is really starting to rustle my jimmies.

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>Dat feel when I'm Canadian

In the cold, dark streets and back alleys of Toronto...

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Yes got to a strip club...

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Rolled 3, 4 = 7


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/tg/, I just accidentally discovered F.A.T.A.L. while poking around on the internet.

How do I carry on with life, knowing that there is something like that in the world?

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This is how I Warforged.

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The vidya wasn't that great though. Very bland and got old after a couple of hours

I'll have to give it a try, might be interesting.

I'm currently watching Starship Troopers invasion. I'm just 23 minutes in and there have been one sex scene, three different naked chicks, one shower scene with Carmen.

Talk about overexposing tits here?

And what's that shit about antagonizing Carl to be a bad guy? He's was such a bro in the book and Verhoeven's movie.

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The trouble is, I've found out that Darell is splitting off to run his own game with people he's recruited from the LGS over the past week, because the DM refuses to kick the furry out of the group. Darell wants me to come along for his games, and I'm kinda torn. One the one hand his games will be much more likely to be furfag free, on the other hand, he's a complete dick. So /tg/, I'm left in an odd position. Anyone else have any stories about "that guy" turning out to be right about something, despite being a dick?

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