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So if the whole point of big boobs is to get men's attention and show men how healthy we are, then how come as a girl I have a fascination with big boobs?

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I just put on the soundtrack from the first track and just let it play, aside from the intro track and the non-combat tracks it is very unobtrusive and soothing.

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KMC Matte brown.

Because they are cool looking and easy to shuffle.

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fuck me neither

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>You will never be a qt lesbian living with their tsundere childhood sweetheart gf and making a living writing fantasy novels /tg/.

Fuck you. I already knew this of course, but why did you have to go and shove it in my face like that. Jimmies in rustle overdrive.

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Get really confused about this whole biology business.

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Sounds like a good reason to me!

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>post earlier in the read asking about getting into ERPing

>come back next day

>no ones responded

>read posts complaining about femanons bring perversion and dicks into games


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I for one look forward to TaenaXCersei action.

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...I never said it wasn't? You are just so, *so* angry for no reason. Relax/

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Every female character I've ever RP'ed has been a lesbian. It never comes up during the campaign, but... it's there.

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Anyone in here ever had ideas about WoT erp? I must admit to the book having certain... themes, repeated throughout them. Often involving ropes, chains, drugs, magical collars chests and complete mindwiping MC effects.

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Funny that this thread is here. I was just about to post an ERP general and see if anyone was interested in joining a campaign.

I'm looking for 2 or 3 players. Must play female characters. combating the denizens of the "2nd Circle", the circle reserved for those whose chief sin is Lust. The demons are powerful, and can easily kill most men but intend to harvest women for their lust which gives them strength. Need 2 or 3 women who want to try to save the world while being constantly assaulted, sexually and otherwise.

Players must be okay with the idea of bad endings (the sexy kind) as well as quite a bit of monster/beast/inter-racial/demon play.

Leave contact info if interested.

Pic semi-related.

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Bitches and whores.

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So after reading through the old wheel of time 3.5 adaptation, I was disappointed that they decided to basically turn channelers into wizards/sorcerers when they should really follow more of a free-flow psion type system, with a few established weaves (stuff in novels, like balefire, traveling, compulsion etc), and then other things being separated into categories of fire/earth/spirit/wind/water and having the ability to basically freely create things from each category with a points cost associated with each. (so say you want to a damaging fire ray, you pay for the ray bit, and then you pay for each dice of damage with power point costs. Or you want to do a fireball, you pay for the blast/sphere/cone/line template, then for each dice of damage).

Now the freeform system has points costs associated with the type of weave and as males are traditionally stronger with earth and fire, everything they do with earth / fire is reduced by 1 point per modifier (down to a minimum of 1 per damage dice, and 0 for template) this gives it easy scalability. Women get reduced costs for air and water, spirit is a gender neutral. Pre-established weaves that use said elements would function the same (1 point down for each type of thread in the weave). As the channelers level up they'd get more power points (associated with a stat), more known weaves (set things like balefire, healing, etc are known weaves, the rest is freeform) and the option to further reduce power costs for element specialization (so you could take a 2nd level of fire, which reduces all costs by 2) up to a maximum of 3 levels.

Now there'd be the obvious split between 'trained' and 'wilders', and this system allows people to be amazingly stronger in certain elements than others, but I think it would work well. All weaves would be able to scale, even the freeform ones. You couldn't spend more points on a weave than your level unless you had an artifact or you wanted to overchannel which is dangerous. Thoughts?

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Okay, what is up with people and character art?

No one at my uni who plays RPGs will even touch the stuff. I brought it up as a suggestion, saying that if someone brought in a character picture and a paragraph or so of backstory, they'd get a roleplaying bonus. I damn near had a revolution on my hands. One person sperged out and told me that he refused to even touch character art he hadn't drawn himself. The only person who was even remotely okay with it was the ranger, and only because she draws autismal anime sparkle stuff in her damn notebook instead of roleplaying.

Does this happen in other groups, too? Is the term "character art" just a codeword for porn or something?

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I think so.

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All right. I want to make a wizard who specializes in defeating other wizards through skulduggery. She's supposed to be a CN (insert race here), so just about anything goes as long as it isn't outright evil.

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