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This is how I Xenomorph

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If its on 360 is on PC

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pAIs and invention of TLE for SS13 are both wonderful and game breaking, currently the they are easy to make, and you can afford every download as one, all the mods, that will change later this is still testing.

They make being a traitor a nightmare, as soon as you kill someone his pAI (His PDA AI) will begin screaming over the radio about you killing his master.... mother fucker

TLE says he will make it some EMP Grens silence a PAI for 2 mins.. which is great and all but now that I have to throw a grenade first my target is screaming over the radio that Im killing him...

Maybe if the EMP just kills personal radios for 2 mins as well?


PAIs are great, but in their current role as FUCKING TATTLE TALE they suck.

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derp forgot pic

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MLP campaigns can be fun. You just need to set them on LV-426.

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