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It's fairly obvious.

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She kinda reminds you of that girl from Nichijou, but in kind of watercolors? The harder you try to concentrate the more it blurs into a watercolor kinda-anime portrait. This happens a lot, you might actually need to see a doctor.

For a second you think she might look like Scarlett Johansson but you're pretty sure you just fell asleep watching A Love Song For Bobby Long on HBO.

Regardless of your brain problem, she makes your heart skip a beat. You reach into your pocket for what must be the five hundred and first time today.

...and feel nothing. The ring's not there. A small hole is, though, the kind that might happen because you stuck your finger in your pocket a million times.

>Perception check! Roll 1d20, taking the best of the first three responses.

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"...I was ordering barbedue," you say. "Karate Chops. That new place downtown? Oh my god it's delicious, you should try it."

The trio freeze. You can't believe this is working.

"Then why don't I see any barbecue?" the one with the pipe asks.

"I was reeeeeeal hungry," you say.

"Sounds...legit," the karate guy says.

"That's obviously not true," Eyepatch says. "The chief firefighter gave us this exact address and said there'd be twin martial artists guarding her. That's totally what just happened."

"But why would she lie?" the one with the pipe asks.

"Because she's a drug-dealing pimp who ordered us dead and we're three bad dudes, obviously!" Eyepatch says.

"Alright, fine. I can't believe that would have worked if it were just those two," you say. "What do you want me to say? You roughed up one of my men, I wanted them to rough you up in return. Most people would've skipped town or taken their beating, you had to escalate it. It's going to take months to rebuild everything you did tonight. Are you happy?" Your hand drifts toward the false bookshelf. The three of them track your hand with their eyes. The one in the karate uniform and the one with the pipe grin a little. They've probably got this figured out.

"Not quite yet," the karate guy says. "I've got a feeling I'm about to be, though."

>perspective switch.

You are Saul. You've been rolling with what you hope is just a dislocated arm for most of the night, been stabbed a few times, almost shot now and again. Now the final boss of the Psycho Cogs - the woman who sent gangs of thugs to gay-bash your friends, who started selling drugs that caused good people to lose their minds - is reaching for a poorly-hidden assault rifle behind a cheap, badly-made row of fake books.

>roll 1d22. The roll furthest away from a 10 takes it.

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You're less familiar with unarmed combat, but not entirely amateur at it. You're also younger, stronger and faster than Lars.

The nunchuck strikes your shoulder as you tackle Lars through what remains of the window, causing something to pop and hurt like hell. You try pushing yourself up with it as the two of you roll in the street only to collapse to the ground in pain.

"Risky, but smart," Lars mutters as he comes to his feet. Blood is dripping down his side - some of the glass still in the windowpane stuck him in the side. That's just straight up gross. "Get back to your weapon, try to negate my advantage."

You push yourself up with your good arm, searching for where your pipe wound up in the street, praying to a god you're no longer sure is listening as Lars raises the nunchucks.

>switch to Tatsuya
>switch to Joe

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Tatsuya and Saul keep talking - exchanging strategies for keeping cops from noticing you beating on gang members, how to find the best concentrations of them to beat up - but your attention is drawn elsewhere. A youngish guy dressed a little like you were a few hours ago came in to wait for a train. One of the thugs noticed him and quieted the rest. They're watching him like a hawk now.

"I think we've got a problem," you say. Tatsuya and Saul quiet down as well and watch.

"Hey, Joe," one of the gang members yells. Your lookalike doesn't look up. The gang member throws a half-empty beer at the double. It bounces off his shoulder. "Hey, I'm talking to you, fuckface. You deaf or something?"

"My name's - "

"We know your name, bitch," the lead punk says. He's walking his way to the double, over-acting casual bravado. "We know who you are and we know what you did. You wanna come with us easy or you wanna fight?"

"Shit," Tatsuya says. "You're the brains of this outfit. What's our play here?"

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Your savior is some sort of homemade knight wielding a lead pipe like a sword. The armor is crude, but apparently effective - the man underneath looks none the worse for the wear even though the armor is dented. He's seen some shit.

The weird thing is apart from the homemade and ren faire-quality armor he actually looks...normal? Well-dressed and successful, even.

In any case, you're not gonna turn down perfectly good cooperation. You pick up the nearest trash can and smash the knife-wielding punk right in the fucking face with it before he manages to come to his feet. You can hear the steady rhythm of pipe against skull in the background.

"Are you well, miss?" the knight asks the waitress. She nods, still in a state of shock. "Excellent! I will leave you in the care of this fine gentleman, sir..."

"Joe," you say. You offer the knight your hand. He's got a solid handshake. "Thanks for the help back there."

"It is a privilege to help fight the Cogs, an honor to aid a lady and a blessing to find a fellow warrior for good," he says. "The name's Saul. Have you decided what you're going to do next?"

>find a cop and get these guys arrested, I guess
>leave the gangsters un-arrested, walk the waitress to her car
>walk left to right, beat up everyone

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"You got an address?" you ask.

"Yeah," he says, writing it on a scrap of paper, "It's - "

"DON'T NEED IT," you say. You spin 360 degrees on your feet and moonwalk backwards out of the bar. Truth is you used to be really lousy at this, but becoming immortal and undead has apparently made you awesome at dancing.

Truth is you read it and memorized the address while he was writing it with your newfound super great eyesight while he wrote it. This will help you look like some sort of cool wizard or something, though. Roland looks to Vampire Dad and then jogs along behind you.

Outside of the bar you spin back around and begin walking normally.

"Do you have a plan?" Roland asks.

"Kinda. I've got something I can kinda put together," you say.

>smash cut to the warehouse
>see what someone from Street Fighting Man's last quest is up to

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To quote the bum dressed as Obi-Wan, I guess that good end/bad end depends on your point of view.

I still think Infinicon is a good idea for a setting, but maybe doesn't quite work for a quest of this nature. Still, I think I learned from what did and didn't work, and that's all you can really ask.

Thanks for participating!

On an unrelated note, still doing some background research for the upcoming Persona Quest. Can anyone think of more series/settings that have something along the lines of a Persona or a Stand? The Assets from [C] are the closest I can think of since they represent the user's future, but they're not as directly controlled.

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You throw a light left. A little too much overhead, too easy to read. Erich throws up a guard against it instinctively.

You twist your torso into a right uppercut. The stomach muscles are burning - those hits count for a lot - but your stick catches him on that perfect chin. He manages to get in a few light hits to your face - relatively light, you can feel blood trickling from your nose - before you reset the distance.

"Seriously, why are you even a fighter?" you ask. "Why don't you just model for romance novels or whatever?"

"Because I'm a fighter. We're both fighters," he says. "The strength to become who you want to be. That's what we both fight for."

"Is this what you want to be?" you ask. "Your face sells jeans at K-Mart."

He doesn't say anything to that. Throws his arms straight out to the side and breathes in deep. You've seen this before.

>roll 1d20 for GENTLEMAN'S REPLY

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