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>Goruk Rak'sarai


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If you go by humans as being a jack of all trades, they are better generalist survivors. Don't excel at any environment or niche, but can establish populations at more places.

Elves and dwarfs are specialists. They excel at their given environments but suffer outside from it.

But while this provides space for each to grow, elves and dwarfs will entrench into their best locations, while humans spread and sex around to the point of needing/wanting resources from races which are quite similar in their needs.

Cue humans being more numerous and ocasionally invading elven woods and dwarf hills.

Feeling better after letting all out?

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I think of humans, dwarfs and elfs as the most universal choices, and any other races are going to be filling a kind of specific niche in play and flavor.

Like, say, the bestial race which may fight without much weapons or armor. That would fit with using a culture which lacked medieval european technology. That worked for warhammer lizardmen, and may work for, say, maori cacawmen (bite damage and feathers adapted for swimming), siberian bugs (insulating armored shell and crunching upper arms housed in pykrete forts), australian komodomen (rot bite and heat resistance).





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