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Can we have a gripe-about-your-group thread? Just let it all out. Tell us some frustrating shit that goes on at your table that you cant say there. I know I've got something.

So we are playing a 3.5 Ravenloft game, incorporating some 2e modules now and then. Some are pretty brutal.
Our group is pretty basic: We have our paladin of pelor, a warmage, myself as a support wizard, and an artificer. The DM is a bro, but older styled, played alot of 1st, Adnd, 2nd, and 3ed. We all agreed that since 3.5 is easily abused, we will build characters with role play in mind, to keep it interesting. then comes the new guy. He was pretty much told by the store owner that he is allowed in our game. Hes is a minmaxer. He knows all books by heart, knows all the tricks (infinite wishes, punpuns, loops of damage, instant deaths, etc). Constantly argues with DM over grey area rules. He knew we wanted a roleplay heavy game before he even came into the group

Green text incomming in next post:

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...Huh, apparently it isn't. There's a whole lot more stuff added in, and it looks like I just have the Aegis, and not all the cool stuff that was listed there. In that case, I'll be on the lookout for the whole thing.

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>Interesting that the drow are the only race with bigger females.

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Vestments made of a bat thing or a wraith?

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Everyone, check your e-mail. Does anyone have one in their spam with the subject header: "Sen. Dianne Goldman Feinstein Is A Loaded Gun Out to Destroy America"?

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Dude, I just said I don't want read any bad lengthy sex scenes, and then you try to recommend me even worse sex scenes?

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>40 lands
>not EDH or a life from the loam deck

what the fuck are you doing?

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Oh yea, while the pony campaign is what i want as a GM, as a player?

I want to fucking act.
holy shit so bad do i want to role play hardcore like that...i want to do it as a GM too, but id really like just one character i could really get into

shame is, its embarrassing...if it was just my players, fine, but we play at a shop, and the room isnt soundproof. the one time i let it slip and a character was arguing with a player, by the time we finished, half the fucking shop was staring through the door making "what the fuck faces"

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So yeah. That happened. Everyone seemed genuinely harrowed by the experience. The girl playing the ranger was pretty much grieving over her character when she told me about it. But, I gotta admit, my party are pretty much fucking troopers. I did offer just to sweep the session under the rug. To forget that DM, those dreams, etc, etc. But they wouldn't. Infact, the ranger's player virtually couldn't. To her, her character had gone through it. And the bard agreed. The other guy was a rogue who had some strange metaphysical fear of becoming a wolf due to how much he preyed on the innocent before casting that life away. His nightmare was becoming a wolf and eating the woman he loved. It was apparently pretty sexually charged, and ended up breaking his character, but I thought it tame compared to the orc rape.

So basically, the empty headed bard was 'put down', the rogue became a one-shot villain and the ranger became a recurring 'dragon'. She ran off, fled, lost her mind and became one of the demons they hunt. It was pretty awesome, actually, I let her player come up with her design. She said the most disturbing thing about the whole session was the fact the orcs incapacitated her by nailing her hands. So her thing was that she was pierced and nailed through, everywhere. She used her entire body as weapons at it turned out hard as hell to get past the spiky defense. Eventually, the new band of heroes did put her out of her misery. Oh, and the Stoic who the DM played became a major antagonist too.

So I guess we still got a pretty good RP out of the guy being THAT DM. The one truly bullshit thing was the rape. The ranger never once showed a hint of fearing that. She really just feared the orcs as an all destroying force rather than anything material or carnal.

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how the fuck do you guys draw that shit so epically?

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Wait. What?!

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Havent played a female in a while. so i have 2 daddys. but that would be...

>Fidel Castro
>Persona 3 Protag

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What the hell kind of game were you playing?

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can i hear how he did it in one turn?

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Are you serious?

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>cleric and wizard
>cleric and wizard are core classes

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>Cain was a jock until he was captured by Aztecs.

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Starter box.
German shop: 99,90€
US-Shop: $67.49

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i fucking read this and find no mentioning of syncros.
fuck toons might be good when yugioh first came out. every tranditional card out there now is garbage.
get goyo stardust and gladiator beast or some shit..

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