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This may be completely retarded, but I'm honestly wondering if it's viable. What if everybody's spiritual liege has been dead for some time, and it is actually Omegon in stasis? The Alpha Legion was all about deep-cover assignments, and one of the twins supposedly died to Robot Gorillaman in combat. Just look at the ultramarine's logo and flip it upsidedown. It's omega.

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TFW> we help tau annihilate you fucking scum.

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Primarch Matthias Ward was mad about having to share his power. He used his sheer sexiness to persuade Guilliman to make him full primarch of the Ultramarines. Now that we was primarch of two legions, he decided to go on a new quest. He went to an Eldar Craftworld, and shot up the entire thing. He killed twelve Avatars in close combat with his Blood Talons. Twelve more Avatars came at him, and he fired his melta at them. His melta was a special kind of melta that could harm Avatars. He killed all of them. The Eldar were sad and gave him all their Xenos tech.

Ward used the fact that he was also a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus to analyze the tech and make a new spaceship with it. He then went back to Armageddon to talk to the Ork survivors. He bargained with them, giving them all his teeth (which then regrew because of the Halo Device) to have the paint his new ship red to make it go faster. He used a special psychic power that he had to bond with the Ork's psychic field to make sure it would go faster. He then flew it back to Macragge.

In Macragge, he used a trillion of his family's galactic credits to buy incredible bling for his spaceship. He plated it in solid gold (it still counted as being red because of Ward's special power). The gold was a special kind of gold which would protect it from everything that was shot at it, even Eldar Lance weapons.

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>Implying the game wasn't gifted to our glorious chapter in a mutual exchange of electronics.

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Does anyone know what Space Marine kits come with Ultramarine Icons? I know the Command Squad comes with a banner top, and I think the land speeder comes with icons for the wing tips (though I'm not sure).

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Why hate?

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>Black Templar
>Dark Angels
>Blood Angels
>Space Wolves

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Saw it yesterday at my FGLS, who had a little showing of it. It was better than I was expecting, which isn't saying a lot.

And let me tell you, for being the GREATEST SPESHMAHREENS ever, those Ultramarines were some of the least smart/professional Astartes I've seen, except the Apothecary (And the Fists). Especially Captain Dumbass.

Overall, I'd give it 4.5/10

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So basically, they are telling me that I have to model my bases to play. Also conversely they are stifling my ability to model my bases. That's like saying you have to use the 3 paint scheme rule but you can only use blue, gold and white -.-

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Really lucky you? Most people I've talked to, here, on other forums, and in person have never seen a Smurf army beyond maybe someone who just bought a Blackreach box.

Meanwhile my store has two blood angel armies, two space wolf armies, two "counts as" space wolf armies, and a "counts as" blood angel army for players. As well as a couple orks, a nid guy, a necron player, and an eldar dude.

So I'd hazard a guess Smurf armies are a very small minority within space marine players.

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Think of it as written from their perspective. The Chapter Demeanour is basically "This is the sort of general attitude you and your chapter have."

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Chapter Demeanour: Honor the Codex

In all of their duties, from battle to study, the Ultramarines are thorough, analytical, and attentive to every detail. They are slow to anger and rarely make a rash decision. By constant recourse to the articles of faith enshrined within the Codxe Astartes, the Ultramarines are able to face any eventuality with well-practiced battle drills and established doctrine.

Chapter Ability: Favoured Son

Ultramarines consider themselves a pure expression fo the Codex Astartes and among the truest of the Emperor's sons. This pride and unshakable personal belief often manifests itself in their leadership abilities and the example they set to other members of the Adeptus Astartes. A Battle-Brother of the Ultramarines Chapter may re-roll any Fellowship Tests when dealing with either Space Marines or members of the IMperial armed forces (i.e. Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, etc.)

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