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Let the punching begin.

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I could write more, but I wanna hear what you think so far before maybe continuing.

Ursin roshambo not related.

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>no animal gods
>founding of Rome mythologically based on wolf spirit-thing which nursed two human children
Uh. Sure thing, buddy.

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>Less Mary Sue

There are no words.

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And if that doesn't work...

>Challenge the leader to an honor duel between NEON SAMURAI!

And then we bounce ALL THE SALMON.

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rolled 65 = 65

i think this is appropriate now

(I will use any excuse to post this picture)

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rolled 14 = 14

rollan and postan this again

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rolled 86 = 86

one more for good luck
pic related

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Is this like a test based game?
Like something similar to masters of orion?
Cause if it is...WHERE THE FUCK DO I GET IT

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Bring it

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I ate blue rare meat once. It gave me the shits like you wouldn't believe. Rare and medium rare are still my favorite. Also

>implying my mom would let me eat medium well like some pansy faggot yahoo

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You already have a body that repairs itself.

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I like being fluffy, so how about we figure a nationality for Bear?

I'd vote English. Jack Bear is a sound enough name, afterall, and we can keep calling him Bear with impunity.

Also, are we going to have a drunken Finn with a knife sometime? It came up a few times in the old threads, and the whole idea slaps me on the knee.

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>have to restart game since session ended in the middle of a fight and pick up two new players
>pick up a time manipulator and a speedster
>time manipulator has almost no grasp of the game, taking turns, or the limits of his abilities and control over the entire game world ("I shoot it and kill it." "Try rolling first....")
>seems more concerned with physically fighting his teammates over why he should cut the testicles off the unconscious random neo nazi guard than fighting the conscious, still fighting bad guys
>players and characters almost entirely hate him
>villain's plot is to release a multiverse of Hitlers on the world
>time-manipulator jumped by Bear Hitler and being mauled to death
>mfw party lets him be mauled as bait while they fight Australian Hitler, The Incredible Hulkler, and Adolph Sulphur and let him be eaten
>player comes back next session and remakes
>almost the same thing happens. player has learned no lesson, goes to fight BBEG by himself while the others fight minions first
>crushed by a titanic snake and killed by Manhunt, a sentient deer with a shotgun
>kickban player
>player returns next week, having to ban his several new names after repeatedly explaining why he was a terrible player and teammate, and that we had too many players at this point for me to hold his hand through it

>mfw this week two players missing again, only original 3 remaining. recruit 2 more

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California. Not inbred, but still moronic.

My primary dealer made it from crystalized nyquil and rubbing alcahol. But I was 17 and hooked. Chalk it up to the stupidity of youth. BUT I was having sex with a relatively hot chick and was playing D&D two nights a week. Other than the liver problems now, I have no regrets.

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Bear trap.

No, not the metal clamp-jaw thing you use to capture bears.

Have a ceiling panel pop open when triggered that drops a dire bear in front of them.

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The pro Battledress fans are not the ones making the comparisons. You are.

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i just saved that to my robot porn folder

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Anyone remeber Anymoose?

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The only same character shit I hear about is when the player makes the same guy over and over again. Like why I don't play Fighters anymore. Because all of them, regardless of name, weapon ro any other mechanical embellishments ends up being the (usually fallen) paladin who never wanted to be one or the fighter who eats what he kills.

Now a days I don't get to PC. Forever dungeonmaster. ;_;
If I'm lucky I get to play a henchman who the party begins to care about. And that's usually a healbot or a luggage carrier.

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'Cron player here. Choose 'em cause I enjoy playing the undead. The whole silent army of doom thing seemed awesome. And then the new edition came.

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I think there are actually three people disagreeing here.
Monseuir Anti-Mair's-Sickles'-Relevance, Mister Comparison-to-Wrestling-and-Greek-Pruning-Vine-Reference, and myself, Herr Should-be-Doing-His-Essay.

To be honest, I really like HEMA and /tg/. HEMA has it's ego dick waving and shit. But at the core, most people have a lot in common, and are working towards the same goals.

Besides, all conversations about HEMA are better over a pint in a nice pub with a fire, or in a salle with a sword like object in hand. I know this, and bear it in mind. How polite would I be if Anon was in front of me, explaining some bullshit chi explanation? As polite as I try to be online.

Unless I feel like trolling the shit out of an ARMA member.

Besides, I have a feeling that Monseuir Anti-Mair's-Sickles'-Relevance is in the United Kingdom, in which case there's a relatively high likelihood of us meeting at some point. Awesome :D

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So, /tg/, I'm a bit annoyed right now. I'm playing in a pbp game where pvp is freely allowed (I'm cool with that part), and I just got screwed by metagaming. Let me explain.

I posted privately to the GM that I was planting a series of bugs around the room. She responded with a general reply visible to all and addressed to all, that several players were taking actions in lieu of sleep, and if we went through with this it would cost us lack of sleep. It was in character for me to do so, so I stuck with it.

So, another PC wakes up. First thing she does is cast a bunch of spells of negation and divination. It is contested, but she overcame me on the roll. Her response was to immediately attack me in character, seeking to cripple but not kill. We are currently resolving attack and defense.

Technically, the other PC didn't do anything wrong, but I feel that the only reason she used these abilities was because a bunch of hints got dropped, although she could find an IC reason to have done so, so it would be a foggy issue.

Now, it is within my character's power to, for a high price, utterly fuck up the other PCs attacking him. He hasn't actually betrayed them, but he was up to a dick move by bugging them. It is highly in character for him to do this, but it could be highly disruptive and may result in character death (just not mine).

In short: my character was screwed by metagaming, is under attack by the other PCs, and I have the highly in character option to dick them all over, even though it might be disruptive to the game. Should I?

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rolled 58 = 58

like the STALKER one in Russia?

3 weeks of airsoft IN CHERNOBYL...Siberian grizzly bears count as bloodsuckers

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