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assuming these are just the end results and I dont have to reduce them down more (as the case in 1 and 9)
>You succeed at the task with a minor benefit but also a major setback
>Same but also with a major benefit
>Success with a major benefit and also a major setback, can have a bigger setback since the threat can be combined with the despair or can have one minor setback added
>Success with a major benefit, the advantage and threat cancel each other
>same but with a major setback as well
>Failure with a minor benefit and a major set back
>same with a major benefit as well
>Failure with a major benefit, and either a major setback and minor setback or an even bigger setback
>Failure with major benefit
>same with major setback

setbacks and benefits can be either mechanical bonuses, like gaining back strain, activating item properties, or even scoring critical hits, or they can be narrative driven, such as losing your target in a chase, being discovered by enemies, destroying cover, or creating new cover or distractions.

It is all pretty simple.

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Jesus Christ, my list for Edgar is currently over the limit by like 20 cards and I have no earthly clue how to make cuts.

Kill me.

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Truly, there is no hope even if the Optimization Gods intervened.

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>Do the IS units have a means to negate inertia?
Considering the speeds I've read about them going at, I think so. One can also buy a IS device in the jump that stops movement or something. That tech could probably be used itself to negate inertia if they don't have one already.

The Imperium does have tech and devices that can focus are even empower the users psychic abilities. I haven't heard of wraithbone alone being used for that, as that's typically wraithbones with inscribed runes. To me, the real interesting thing about wraithbone is that it gets physically stronger by using the users own psychic energy. Kinda like a psyker version of Asgardian Uru.

> Marshmeline.
>Image search.
>Pic related

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>tfw I'll never get to set foot on another world

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>meteor swarm
>thunder damage
>recreate Tunguska

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God, that art makes me so fucking sad. The shit that happened to the angels in the whole SOI block makes me so fucking sad.

Only thing before that was this depressing was phyrexian angels.

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So I just watched a compilation of Japanese Commercials.
I think looking at a lovecraftian horror would have been better for my psyche.

Tell me Jumpers, what was something you encountered that the world found mundane while you found it anything but normal.

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Used to have a DM that used Mary Sue DMPCs in every one of its campaigns. After the second campaign fell through because of railroading bullshit I stopped playing with it. However, some of my other friends played another campaign with it years later and ran into the same issues. Needless to say the whole group doesnt play any games with it any more, in addition to a few more reasons which dont need mentioning on a chinese animated gloryhole picture board.

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Okay, so mechanics question:

Say an assassin launches a surprise round on an enemy, gets a critical sneak attack and does a fuckton of damage, uses his bonus action to disengage then moves away from the target, then they roll for initiative
If the assassin rolls higher than the target (due to high dex and the alert feat) then he can perform another sneak attack with advantage can he not?
Asking because the target may or may not be half-orc with it's extremely annoying racial ability

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It's somewhat disheartening you really believe that

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At the most critical point in the battle, your mecha ignores you and acts of it's own accord. No matter how many times you try and trigger this to happen again, you can not.

No one believes you, and you must answer to your superiors for the mecha's actions that they all attribute to you
Be they good or bad

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Tonight, for the first time playing with my group, did I realize how important graveyard hate is.

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Aw, fuck, here we go.

Mother nature is a human concept and something that all animals, gods, and mer have some concept of in their folklore. Nature is a thing. Disease is one thing but it's all part of a cycle. Birth leads to life. Life leads to death. Death leads to birth and so on.

Your villain isn't this. She isn't this at all, but she appears to be what we all think that we want: an end to death and disease, eternal youth and life, and peace because our "need" for war has ended.

>>41464924 has the right idea. This is perversion and the end of all we know. The villian in OP lulls everyone into a false paradise. It's stillness -- a world brought to a silent end, a godfoe that conquers by infecting souls like a cancer.

Her worshippers start off enamored and like anyone else. The sick, poor, elderly have everything brought to them. The person, over the course of years, starts to fade away and they're not aware of it until they're nothing more than a shell of who they were. Everything of them just fades away. A perception check will let those that have known them for a while or the experienced adventurer see the horrible truth: there isn't a personality left, only reflexes. When Susan covers her mouth as she laughs...there is something off, as though the action is a mechanical reflex, not something attributable to idiosyncracies.

The people aren't healed. They're pieced back together with a warping of space time. Having that much positive energy would throw off the balance, Hell would know and Heaven would make its move. Neither side is moving. Something is wrong and both sides are weary.

She smiles as the whole of the world comes to love her, and every soul fades away into a still oblivion, as the hollow masses writhe in worship of her -- crawling ever forward as she brings eternal peace. Eternal stillness. Eternal silence.


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I hate what this thread has become.

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I'm not sure what to think about those rolls.

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Is this a punishment?

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I remember my local game store having an event of 10.000 points Lizardmen vs 10.000p Undead in '99. Good times.

The Lizardmen got swallowed.

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Is there a way to stop giving the mechnicum tithe? I hate that shit. No one dies, so I'm not getting any gene seeds, and my stock is slowly but surely taken by the techfags.

At least give me the option to refuse them and face their wrath. I'm happy to face the consequences, but at least give me an option!

Another thing. A Ork fleet just said hello to a planet, my fleet is also stationed at, but I can't attack them. Not by clicking on the Ork fleet, not by clicking on the planet. Only choice I have is to attack the imperial fleet that's also stationed there. What's up with that?

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Hush. We dont speak of it while they are watching.

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>tfw taking jumps you don't want because they have items or abilities you just can't pass up
I need that mayo though.

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>mfw i read operation falling down

Also it did not mention me anywhere so i assume i was not NCP'ed and i can still join up with the mountain men correct?

PS: anyone have the rest of operation falling down?

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I'm too much of a coward to shoplift. I don't have anything against it morally, I just don't want to get caught.

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