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>I have met groups and people that OP described perfectly.
The thing isn't that those people exist, it's that OP is describing people that way. If other people are annoying and your first instinct is to boil them down into a series of arcanine-tier isms and stereotypes then you're most likely a narcissistic sociopath that doesn't care about anyone but yourself.
It's fine if you don't like people talking about their real life, especially when you have limited time to play or they take a long time or whatever other reason. It's a whole different thing to boil those people down into "some faggot or retarded roastie" and then describe their lives as a series of derogatory terms. It's an additional point against op if your follow up to remembering people telling you their troubles is "I just want to play a game. I really don't care about your problems" as if you're a child with a ball and the adults just took it away because it's bedtime. OP's hate isn't JUST that their lives are shit and he doesn't want to hear about it, his pointed rage is that their shit lives are interrupting his playtime and he wants to get back to pretending to be a warlock. OP would be perfectly fine if the world was burning around him as long as he had 4 people to stroke his cock every week.
That is the core problem.
I wouldn't tell OP to play solo because honestly I don't want to see him in the fucking solo general. I hope to god that the solo general doesn't eventually turn into narcissists and sociopaths and other worthless vermin and if the first thing you thought when you read the OP was "Yeah man you tell em, I fucking hate these dumb normalniggers" then I hope you fuck off from the sologen too.

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>look at me smugly dodging a thought experiment i deemed a priori to be fallacious >:)
you are just stupid, regardless of engagement lmao

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>Tabletop Trannies

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It is their icons like Thor's hammer or Cloud's sword.

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You Have made this thread 4 times that I have seen it. Who knows how many times you have spammed this board with your thread.

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Greenskins gtfo

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Did it ever occur to you fucktards that people have different opinions to you? Like I know you people are completely bigoted but just try and imagine for a moment that there are people out there who aren't happy with the multicult and the destruction of the west, or what's happening in Europe and England.

I know you don't give a fuck about your culture or homeland but there are people that do, and seeing a symptom of the cancer that is causing all these issues in a hobby that is a big part of some people's lives can obviously be quite upsetting.

Just fucking virtue signal somewhere else. By perpetuating the conversation you're exactly being /pol/ outside of /pol/ and are as bad as the original political bait post.

You're not better than people. You're just as much of a piece as shit as everyone else. You're not special. So just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, and just fucking ignore bait posts like this next time if you don't want it in your thread.

Jesus FUCK grow a brain.

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What the fuck is an 'illegal model'?

Does every model in a game have to be made using 100% GW parts, assembled exactly according to the kit instructions?

You cretin. By that logic you can't even magnetize! What kind of retarded shill are you?!

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Smurfs follow the Book. They always win.

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and its always 40k, halo or star wars and sometimes Dune for a retarded reason

Like just stop

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40k is slowly turning from your dudes to those guys with a large fanbase arguing over powerlevels.

Fuck The Horus Heresy.

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No seriously how can something THIS BIG be so fucking bland and boring

Not a chaos or imperialfag but what the fuck thats all that happens?

Who wrote this trash

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>not having space Julius Caesar+Marcus Aurelius mixed together to lead the imperium
Stay plebeian

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Your the reason people hate infinity your probably that asshat shilling the Haqqislam and Ariadna models since they "dont look anime"

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Fuck off

You are all fetishistic freaks who want women in combat gear.

females cant do shit in the military face it you faggots and of course an anime poster would try to "call" us out.

Since you are dead wrong 40k wont be taken over by the likes of you fags.

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Get fucked Rudy.

MTG Finance is cancer.

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>Muscled dudes who fuck xenos and heretics in the jungle
>Doesnt relate to muh setting

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>More Space Hulk shit


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