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Oh yeah you are absolutely right. But I still think it is fun to discuss these things. And I love how ass backwards everything is despite how advanced it is. It is a great mish mash and I love it.
The best faction that exemplifies that is easily the IG. And its probably that reason why I like them the best

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the Deathkorps are the embodiment of Last Stand

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The Administratum isn't exactly known for its reliability. I'm sure there's a few DKoK regiments out there with the wrong lasguns, just as I'm sure there's a bunch of Cadians wondering why their new ones don't have a full-auto setting.

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So /tg/, I've been looking for material for a new setting, so I've been reading and rereading a few of the fantasy series' I have on hand, (WoT, The first law, malazan (shits long as balls), etc) but I seem to have run out. Thing is, I usually just use /tg/ for my fantasy needs, but when speaking of purely fantasy BOOKS, specially those without game tie-ins, you guys aren't very forthcoming.

Long story short, you guys know of any online forums that are specially geared towards fantasy and sci-fi books?

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Well, I care. Mere humans fighting all this stuff of doom

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i use Bit Torrent

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I was thinking that a genius would get a little too big headed, would think he no longer needed an emperor stifling him. In the long run a genius would consider he needs the support, but at a certain point of advancement he isn't going to need me anymore unless I somehow gain his true allegiance or he has no ambition for my position and just wants to advance our cause like I do.

Yeah, the genius is potentially a greater ally than the Immortal, but he is also a potentially the biggest threat, after losing the technological edge my army is no longer significant, he could simply give technology to any faction and play them against me.

Even if he doesn't betray me he's still going to outlive me, so either way WD still loses.

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Scratch that, Sentinel. Not Chimera.

Oh and bump.

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This guy has it down.

Speaking of, anywhere else besides Forgeworld to get DKoK?

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so what do you guys think Krieg and the Death Korps were like before the civil war?

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I know it's almost sacrilege to say so but the imperium.

Their crusading christian zeal for a deity that actually exists, against an enemy that also actually exists, in a universe where everything is trying to kill you does have it's allure.

There i said it go try to cut me up.

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I see most of the soldiers of Krieg as vat grown clones (a la star wars), but with the officers and nobles being true born of Krieg. The regiment i'm building up over the next 6 years is going to be like that. The main siege regiment commander is an old general named Wilheim while my senior commander of the death riders is a woman, a true born who was born sterile and volunteered herself for duty. I call her, the red baroness (insert jokes about periods here)

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'sup /tg/

I really want to get back into collecting 40k, Death Korps of Krieg to be more precise, although I do want to just buy some cadians first to practice my painting and assembling seeing as it's been a good few years since I last played
Only problem is, I dont really fancy paying £40 for 10 models, although I will if I have too.

Is there anywhere else online that I can get my hands on IG models a bit cheaper apart from ebay?

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