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>Tfw Valakut will never get banned

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>playing against a guy who smokes at the game table
do people have no manners

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This isn't LODSAEMONE anymore.

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EDH noob here, been fucking with my Mimeo deck recently after getting tired of losing all the time. any suggestions?


to contribute to the thread, the saltiest experience i've ever had was at my friends house, we used to meet up every night to play a few games and smoke a few bowls, you know? anyways there was always a very competitive feeling in the air these nights. so the 4 of us are playing twin headed dragon and the one kid we always give a hard time is getting manafucked and cant contribute anything to his team, his team mate starts talking shit, we start talking shit, suddenly he just stands up and wants to fight me for being "a disrespectful little shit" even though i was just parroting the same exact things my other friends were saying first, laughed in his face, packed up my cards and went to hangout with some other friends

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Rolled 3 + 10 (1d100 + 10)


Furck, wrong dice.

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This is how I dungeoneering.

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This is how I Barbarian. Or Brujah, based on the filename

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Are there any metals to be found underground in the Hedge, or is it all just brambles and misfortune? My 'Ling dug out his own Hollow, and I'm thinking about having him make a mineshaft entrance in it or something, but I wanna know it it'd be worth it.

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It's not the kitty all over again, cause this time there was a good choice and a bad choice, with the kitty it was the lesser of evil.
Right, cause we totally didn't know that there was a possibility of pushing the plane.

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High strength.

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This is the absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. I now know you obviously don't play competitive magic and would ask that you no longer post in this thread or give advice to anyone ever again for fear that you will stunt their progress as a person. Holy fuck, I knew /tg/ was bad at magic but I'm pretty sure that post gave me a mild stroke.

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This is how I Rogue with 0 ranks in Pick Lock

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I bet you celebrated the millennium on December 31st 1999.

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rolled 85 = 85


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True fucking story.

>go to my first FNM ever earlier this evening
>bring my Delver/Reanimator/Self-Mill deck (bad move on my part)
>local meta is spirit tokens, spirit tokens, spirit tokens, human tokens, spirit tokens, angel tokens, spirit tokens, wolf ramp
>it's 5 matches of 3 rounds, go 0-2, 1-2, 0-2, 0-2, got a bye (???) for the last round, get raped hard
>my 2nd match was against a 6 year old girl
>in the end, despite getting destroyed, feel great, buy a booster box
>offer one pack to each person I played with
>3 of them pull shit, think I'm in the clear
>the little girl pulls a Temporal Mastery (!!!)
>all the other pulls junk rares
>girl won't trade me it
>whatever, open the rest of the boosters
>11 mythics, one foil Gather the Angels or something (XWWWW, miracle XWW, summon X 4/4 angels, etc) I don't recall the name
>Tibalt, Tamiyo token
>end up getting 90$~ worth of cards from the booster box
>feel great

Sorry my story doesn't end on a funny note, but I fucking loved going and I enjoyed myself immensely.

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