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Anons help, the smol girl in my group is seducing the 11 year old duke

She's too chuuni and cool! And there's a dance in the party's honor coming up!

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>Get told his ERP is shit, you hear me? SHIIIIT
>People still swarmed on a rumor of a slot to get in
>To add him to their bed post???

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>advertise grimderp monster rape
>deliver cuteness
I guess it was a bamboozle after all

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I want to pick up some more X-wing ships, but I'm not sure what to get. For the record I have 4 old core Ties, a Tie Bomber, and a Tie Interceptor.

What do I pick up next to crush rebel scum?

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At that point, you can bend the rules, and have a 0 wound treshold mean death.

Shit man, you aren't going to get sent to kessel if you don't follow the rules to the exact letter

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Unsurprisingly, a Manga doesn't correlate 1:1 with your mechanical system. Gee, who knew.

Slaanesh and Tzeentch often overlap in canon, that's a widely accepted fact and should be considered as such. However Tzeentch is aligned with intelligence.

If you want to take any example of Griffith's willpower, he was tortured for an entire year without making a single noise. If you want to take scrutiny, he constantly throughout the Golden age figures out weaknesses in the enemy tactics, plots and politics.

So yes, mechanically by Black Crusade, he'd likely worship Slaanesh. However why you'd be using the alignment system for Black Crusade to determine as such is stupid. The worshipers of Slaanesh often serve no greater purpose than their own greed, self-interest and pursuit of Pleasure. Tzeentch worshipers often serve a higher cause, creating intricate plans, plots and engaging in Politics, all a staple of Griffith.

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I see what you did there.

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HAHA, I just noticed that pathetic bald neckbeard (in the sense of profession rather than hygiene) wearing the 40k armor behind Mara.

Hah, you spotted it as well while I was locating an image to post.

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>Looks to the left and then right
>The sound of a neck snapping from too fast movements

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wait, what? Source?

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As per the game, were getting gifted an antique replica from the owner of Sienar Fleet Systems.

Because reasons.

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I've never actually played Delta Green. Always wanted to.

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The worst is yet to come.

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>Implying Druids can be anything other than Neutral

This is how I Disguise.

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>A talking plant?

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its all just.....rumors...dun dun dun

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>I rolled a 15 for disguise
>DM: okay
>I rolled another 15 for disguise
>DM: why?

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>top3: Ashiok, Cerberus, 5/5 hydra guy
I know /tg/ is bad at MtG, but damn...

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>They know.

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>neigh unkillable

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And Fett is the only person who should ever be like Fett. Fetting others defetts Fett, for when everyone is Fett, no one is.

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I'd like to get some advice on a plan, and I figure you guys might be able to help.

So, my group is playing Black Crusade. We have a Slaanesh devoted Apostate, a Tzeentch devoted Sorcerer, a nurgle devoted Chosen, an undivided renegade, and me, a Khorne devoted Heretek.

Due to the planets we've been on, we haven't been able to really get any good gear or craft. I intend to say "fuck that" and arrange safe passage to a forgeworld and start siphoning off supplies with the Apostate while my character starts forging gear.

What could I do to improve this plan, reasonably?

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Mandalorians allow all species in.


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