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The most basic elements of AT are /tg/ related, while the most basic elements of Regular Show are not.

No one on /tg/ can relate to a story where a couple of slacker faggots high five so much instead of doing the basic task that their boss entrusted them to do, that the universe catches on fire, then some other guy shows up and says, "I told yous guys not to hive five so much!"

Also, keep your AT vs RS bullshit on /co/ where everyone can ignore you.

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I've seen grown men have mental breakdowns and turn into temper-tantrum throwing babies who will break their property and damage the relationships they have with family and friends over sports.

I've yet to see someone do that because of D&D or vidya.

Obsession with sports is a very acceptable brand of awful obsession that only exists because many of the societal norms we are just now overturning were put in place by the previous generations, who had a very physical society. If you spent all your time with a nose in a book instead of playing football or getting a job as a construction worker, then you were worthless to the eyes of the common man. That's why 'geeky' and 'nerdy' pursuits got people ostracized.

Then the internet happened, and now 'geek chic' and 'adorkable' are now things that are commonly accepted.

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There's something about Orkz that I enjoy.. It's like, they's all total bros. sure, they may knock each other around, but at the end of the day, there's a certain respect and camaraderie amongst them..

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Have a doodle

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