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In their hasty escape, they neglected to properly calibrate the warp drives, and the Mortis Est plummeted into the warpside of the Alenic Depths - a portion of the Koronus Expanse which, during warp travel, I had previously described as an endless cloudscape with dim flashes of hellish light and the stirrings of terrible warp monsters barely visible through the haze. Now, they plunged full through the clouds and into a vast hellscape of spinning, razor-sharp mountains of rock and warp lightning. Odius the pilot, in a manner that I described as steering a blue whale with rockets strapped to it, aimed the Mortis Est towards what appeared to be an anomalous portal back into real space. That session had ended with one of the rock shards spinning - as if manipulated by some daemonic force - straight towards the gellar field generator, a 500m tall statue of the God-Emperor of Man. I asked the party, at that moment, to write down their action during the final moments before the shard struck.

Gaius the Rogue Trader ordered all hands to brace for impact and possible horror. Decimus whipped out his trusty hellgun. Odious tore his cranial uplink out of the ship and held on to his chair. Missionary Hatoris, currently in the temple to the God-Emperor that overlooked the spine of the ship and the gellar field generator itself, fell on his knees and prayed. Our comms operator and backup explorator Lucius braced for impact and prepared to repair any damages.

And Castiel... poor, poor Castiel, remained linked with the Mortis Est, the 5km long beast of plasteel and ceramite that he had cared for the entire game, that he had constantly pushed and repaired and communed with every session since we began our game.

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The Mortis Est is hailed, as a veritable haze of Eldar cruisers, frigates, and raiders swarm forth from the massive craftworld, which is so large it blots out the sun. (At this point, a fairly scientifically minded person in the group laughs uncontrollably, as he often does during our sessions.) The explorer's cruiser still has a good five minutes of calibration before a warp jump is possible. The void master brings up the viewscreen, revealing an extremely pissed-looking xenos. (The following conversation is paraphrased, it went pretty smoothly in-game.)

Eldar: I am Autarch [insert flowery elvish name I made up on the spot] of the Biel'tan craftworld.

RT: HELLO! I am ROGUE TRADER Gaius TIBERIUS Aurelius, commander of the Mortis Est! I, uh... HOW ARE YOU?

Eldar: You've committed what my people would consider... hmm... what would you filthy mon-keigh call it? GRAVE ROBBING.

RT: Oh! Oh dear. I hadn't realized.

Eldar: Give me one reason why I shouldn't give the command to annihilate you right now.

At this point, the Mortis Est is surrounded by a swarm of countless Eldar vessels, outnumbered a thousand to one. Everyone at the table stares at me, horrified (I've never cut my group slack when they get into deep shit), then looks to the player who is the Rogue Trader, now deep in thought. Then, he looks up, a wild look in his eye.

RT: Tell me... have you ever heard... of a dead man's switch?

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I just don't understand. Why is it not all space battles and orbital bombardments?

Even now a days the only time you would have an army invade is when you don't know friend from foe. Otherwise you would just bomb the shit out of the place and THEN movie in for clean up. I doesn't seem to me that in 40k ANY group really cares about civilians all that much, if a planet even has any, which most times it seems like they don't.

Whenever I read 40k fluff, there is almost NOTHING about space-battles, and it's about armies getting dropped off on a planet to fight. How does that even make sense? Why the hell would anyone let the other guys unload their troops on a planet? It's like the two huge battle cruisers are like "Hey, wait, lets just unload these guys on that rock over there, and kill each other that way."
Why not just blow the shit out of them instead?

Is there some kinda 40k U.N. I don't know about stopping this shit?

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My fellow Gentlement, i require pictures of starships, an inquisitor must have a starship.

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During the most recent session of my Rogue Trader group, something fantastically unlikely and heroic occured. Since they're essentially the same system and setting, I'm going to include it here.

The players had found themselves at this point in time with the party's Rogue Trader and Arch-Militant in a private meeting with an Ordo Xenos inquisitor and his Deathwatch wing-man aboard the players' cruiser. While, in the past, the inquisitor had been something of an annoyance, they were now ostensibly joining forces to combat a common evil (a powerful pirate lord who was threatening to conquer the entire Koronus Expanse).

Meanwhile, in the vessel's temple-shrine, the party Missionary (this is his player's first character in any roleplaying game) looks upon the statue of the God-Emperor and suddenly feels compelled to go upstairs.

Meanwhile, talks with the inquisitor are revealing that something is not quite right. A wrong expression here, an odd look there. Just as the Missionary arrives, the Arch-Militant confronts the inquisitor and asks to know just what the hell is going on.

(continued, also, pic related, it's the players' ship, except with a giant skull on the prow)

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