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I got really excited when pathfinder releases psy classes. Too bad my group didnt want to play test them.
I am also a sucker for all the FF12 Judge weapons

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So how are the third party Psionic rules in this system? Are they good? Are they fun?

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Why are psychic powers often seen under the purview of science fiction rather than fantasy?

I understand why people would object to its inclusion in more traditional fantasy given the anachronistic nature of psychic powers relative to most fantasy settings, but why is it not used more in more contemporary settings? Or rather, why is it when it's used in sci-fi it's seen as something more...I don't know, technical as opposed to magical? The whole concept of psychic powers seems rather fantastic to me anyway.

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All I have is earthbound pics.

I love psychic powers in fiction, too bad I'll never get to play a system that includes them. Most of the DnD and pathfinder peeps won't even touch psionics, and that's the only games I can seem to get.

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Tell me of your dream campaign. The one you wish you could run or play in, but you know you'll never get the chance. System, plot, houserules, etc.

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It was more of a joke than anything. Interestingly enough, I don't have much Ness art but this might be up your alley.

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This is how I psionic

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Hey there /tg/, I've been playing Earthbound again and I was curious to know if someone had converted it to a tabletop game.

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