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I don't know what are you talking about..

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This how I GM

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This how I GM zombie apoc games

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Orcs are the race most obsessed with purity. Their only interracial sexual relations are rapes and experiments of mad scientists, possibly involving rape.

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>first name Joseph
There's only one choice.

Guaranteed he'll go to med school.

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Hey /tg/ my first BBEG is going to be Josef Mengele. The party has already had a run in with SS agents (read: merciless automatons with swastikas and gatling guns) and Mengele is yet to be discovered as even being alive still. It's the year 2064, and back in the 30's a bunch of bomb-ass technology was discovered that allowed Mengele to keep himself alive.
As far as appearance goes, I want him to look like himself for the most part, with maybe some stitches here and there like a sort of frankenstein deal, but no mechanical suit/limbs or huge muscular mutant frame. As for motivation, he lives in secret, still attempting to create the perfect master race through his batshit science. He conducts hiss experiments on really anyone, perceiving basically all beings inferior and deserving of such treatment. Right now he's in the process of buying some mutagens for his research that the party just unwittingly helped get delivered to him.
My question /tg/, is how would you have a 170~ year old Josef Mengele behave? Will he be more relaxed? Will he be totally ravenously, droolingly mad? Will he be more violent? Cold? Resentful? Peaceful?
Help me flesh out a real monster.
>also nazi general, cuz I need more nazi shit for my /tg/ folder, char art appreciated

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Or more famously, Mengele.
>Dat smile
Would you trust your children with this man, /tg/?

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Look at this fucker. Reminds me of the trololol guy.

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I want to create a NE Josef Mengele-style evil doctor in Pathfinder. Specifically, someone whose specialty is experimenting on others/hurting them WITH SCIENCE or magic! What are some classes/archetypes I should look into?

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