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Glad someone else feels the same way.
Oh, don't get me wrong, /tg/ is still by far the best board leaps and bounds, we have a tight knit community. But the summer came and stayed forever, now it's beginning to regurgitate rather than create (Not that I'm helping much.)
The Collector and Cryptkeeper are two bros of mine, I owe 2/3 of this collection to those guys.

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5 minutes remaining

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no i do not know the proper way to do it.

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You mentioned earlier that he's using a Webway Portal. While it's certainly a valid tactic, it's also one you can use against him. Once he's dropped the Portal, redeploy as fast as you can away from it. Vehicles can't enter through the Webway, so if you can stop him jumping out of the portal and straight into combat, he'll be vulnerable to a counter-attack as his units arrive through it.

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Amazingly persistent, my partner was able to muster the strength to head after her. She was still making her way through the crowd and hadn't really picked a route yet so he could easily track her. It was when she paused, seeing the rest of the group retreating up the main stairs that he was able to get the jump on her, handcuffing her replacement arm and attempting the other. Seeing what she was after though she'd had enough, and responded to him with disinterest. Grabbing ahold of him she drove several barbed rivets with her arm into where she gauged his spine was, to leave him crippled and dying on the floor amidst all the fleeing people. Given the chaos, no one thought to stop and see, or help him, so it worked perfectly for her.

She leaned down using her replacement leg to step on and break off the handcuffs, and then was on her way, pursuing the rest of the group. Breaking away from the party she headed up the main staircase.

Now the rest of the party in turn, were headed through hallways to try and reach a back exit, several security guards assisting, trying to get them and the Prince out. Notably, only the Industrialist was not with them, which would later prove to be a help on our part. As they were heading down the main corridor off the staircase, in reaching the end though they caught sight of That Girl reaching the top of the stairs and starting down the corridor they had.

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Rogue Trader character art? I can do that.

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Totally. It's weird - it hardly seems like much time's passed at all, but at the same time, I don't know what I'd do without this place now.

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done, lazied it

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