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running a call of cthulhu rp on Mibbit.

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Not necessarily. It just steals power from the normal gods. It also progresses in spellcasting VERY quickly. Doesn't say you can't worship something else, just that you can't get divine-category spells from another source.

Honestly, I know the DM has been reading the 'Elder Evils' book a lot, and is planning on running us through one of the apocalyptic scenarios inside. Know what I know of him, I know he's probably going to use the one that screws over the divine casters worst, the one with the snake-thing that hates the gods. So I thought I'd get ahead of the curve be sure the party still has 'divine support' of a nearly-full caster plus some extra utility from vestiges and the Chameleon's arcane casting.

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Hey there anon. Whatchu summoning?

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Like I said, the system is scrapped.

Working out arcane power sources and discovering the reprecussions for players is something I have put behind me.

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-A dog or cat walks up to a lone PC (this works best with a single character that is separated from the group), seemingly begging for attention. If the PC pets or feeds the animal, it speaks to them in their native language, imparting some useful bit of info that is relevant to the current adventure, then runs off.

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Apart from ignorance in the matter of greater things, why would cults choose to worship Great Old Ones over Outer Gods?

I can understand if the Great Old Ones are closer at hand, but from what I can see the Outer Gods (Nyarlathotep, specifically) can be contacted and served with little extra effort.

Great Old Ones and Outer Gods will both screw you over, drive you nuts and put you in situations where your horrible death is likely; yet Outer Gods by principle have more power, and could offer greater rewards.

And yet, the CoC rulebook claims that Outer God worship is more common among lone madmen and aliens- despite settings like Delta Green implying that every sorceror worth his salt is backing Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, or some other member of the court.

The Great Old Ones are comparitively more numerous and diverse, though less frequently used despite potentially being much more interesting than "Oops, it's wacky Narly again!"

How can I justify having Great Old One cults more common than Outer God cults in my games, /tg/? I'm not ready for my game to just become Call of Nyarlathotep.

Also, any advice for incorporating the Dreamlands and dream-invading into Delta Green would be helpful.

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>>"I don't know...Let's go sleep and wait back in the cave for the Father to return." You say, brushing some of the weeds off of your body.

>>You creep back into the cave, where you can hear soft squeaking from the bats who are now getting to sleep. You feel somewhat tired yourself. But you remain awake, to wait for the father. It's not like he can move you while you're sleeping.

>>He doesn't come.

>>"It's really early." Hugh says with a yawn. "Sun's getting up there."

>>"You don't think..." He stops himself, tensing.


>>A quiet voice rouses you from slumber that you know has not lasted long. It sounds like the voice of a young girl, coming from the other cave entrance.

>>Hugh is roused as well, but is silent.

>>"Hello? Anyone there?"

>>You can see a young girl, about three feet in height with long, wavering hair dressed in a skirt and sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. She is a child, probably no more than seven. She's rubbing her knee where she fell, and walking awkwardly further into the cave.

>>"Are you lost, miss?" You call down the cave.

>>She perks up instantly. "Yes! I need help! There are bad men after me!"

>>You whisper to Hugh to guard the child, skirting out past the young girl, who is now deep in the cave.

>>You are outside. You hear rustling in the brush.

>>You see a man stalking on a path towards the cave, a strange knife that curves like a river in his hand. He is wearing a mask with long tendrils attached to the front, and he moves oddly, like a puppet with no visible strings. His breathing is hard and erratic.

>>You get into the brush. You see him walk down the path, clutching the knife in his grasp with the point down. You smell fresh blood from the blade. He is softly chanting something.

>>"Dread Cthulhu sleeps in R'leyh, beyond time and space, soon he will awaken, soon, soon. I'a I'a Cthulhu f'tagn..."

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You see a man stalking on a path towards the cave, a strange knife that curves like a river in his hand. He is wearing a mask with long tendrils attached to the front, and he moves oddly, like a puppet with no visible strings. His breathing is hard and erratic.

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at last the stars are right...

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You've seen beyond the stars and between them. You've seen things that would drive lesser men insane. Things that would tear apart the weak entities that the fools around here call "Gods". And you've understood them. You understand that all of the lesser races that you had the misfortune of being born amongst are merely cockroaches on a tiny rock floating in the vastness of the void and there's nothing they can do to stop the inevitable extinction.

Of course, this makes you far better than everyone else.

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Ah, I misunderstood.

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Dear /tg/,

I want to larp, but not be a faggot.

Well, I guess what I really mean is I want to dress up in brutal armor,covered in blood with a sword on acid somewhere.

I need to find something I can play where I can wander around the woods as a viking and smack around other people with my blade rather than wade through a sea of fat cat girls.

wat do?

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I can't tell much of what this is from the thumbnail but I'm betting it's related. Oddly, it won't let me post Occultist 3 on grounds of duplicate file entry. Hrm.

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