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So what jump is out most technologically advanced? Or has the most advanced races in them. Please no Rick and Mort or Futurama, they're based on cartoon logic and rule of funny more than anything.

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What are some good early stage technological jumps? Starting a new chain based almost solely on technology. Nothing too high tier please, I'd rather not get bored of the chain really early on.

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I need some good space opera jumps. Preferable with a time extension drawback or two (I know about the ones in 40K). After all you can't build a stable galactic empire in 10 years.

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It's easier to destroy than create. Destroying a star could be done through creating a chain reaction within it. Creating a star sized construct that uses magic to make everyone think it's tiny and all the shit that goes into it would be far harder.

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So how powerful is the Asgerd class Planetoid from the Dahak scenario? I couldn't find out much about it short of reading the book and the info in http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/ImperialNavyYard/fanfic/stgod/Asgerd.htm doesn't seem right.

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Do we have any perks that can make temporary, non-magical, powers infinite? I'm wanting to get the sentient singularity power in LoT but the fact it lasts for less than a second isn't really worth it.

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Mega ultra gigga structure.

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Tell me about the settings you'd like to see made into jumps. Even if you think it wouldn't be possible to make a jump from. Personally I'd like to see The Darkness (Game), How to train you'r dragon and possible some of the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films. Big Hero 6 might also be an interesting jump to have too.

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