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How hard is GURPS to learn and play?
The sheer girth of its printed material seems intimidating but I like the idea of the game a lot.

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It's definitely not woke logic. It's just baiting. You can't be so dumb to honestly think 2-3 art examples represent an entire planet population and demographics, or that a culture with clear German language wouldn't have some pale genes in the mix, or that some big game hunter/thrill seeker/wanted man on the run wouldn't settle in a place few would ever look and adopt the culture to the point of even putting down roots. At least you can't be that dumb and also figure out captcha. This is just a troll.

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If one of my players manages to survive long enough to get enough money to go full borg super saiyan mode without getting Cyber psychosis? Yeah, I'll let him waste a bunch of mooks. Until then, he has to survive by his wits and quick trigger finger. I just feel its more rewarding that way, not being an adversarial GM per se, but providing the players with danger and challenge.

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>Fluff-wise, how would an Eversor vs Custodes fight play out?

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Accept Nurgle's gifts. Teach those who resist.

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Should I play Nurgle CSM or just go Death Guard

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>I want you to know that in my local area's facebook 40k group one guy has been bitching endlessly about some stupid dark angels terminator heavy flamer deepstrike spam he can no longer do because of the changes
Music to my ears.
Post more WAACfags suffering when their $1000 FOTM army inevitably gets nerfed. It makes me so happy when their kind gets what they deserve.

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>Unsullied in the show.
>Wear really fucking awful leather armor and poke people with spears.
I guess slave soldiers are just better?

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>Clears rubble off closet.

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do vehicle facings not matter at all anymore? Even with guns?

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Hit me with all of your sweet houserules, Anons.

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It's a generic universal system that supports multiple types of play. It covers everything from knapping flint to make a spear to commanding an intergalactic empire. The system's default has been called "heroic realism" because it has for the most part a realistic approach to things like combat with odds slightly favoring survivability, but GMs can tweak this to be as grittygrim or high-powered cinematic as they want. It's also classless and point-buy, giving people a lot of freedom in how they make their character.

It requires competent or at least conservative GMs, though; it has a ton of optional rules, variants, campaign switches, etc., and applying them inconsistently or going full 110% gritty realism tends to tank games FAST. This, along with some outdated memes stemming from the vehicle creation rules from the previous edition, has given GURPS a less than stellar reputation.

If you used GURPS for a power armor-heavy campaign, one benefit would be the system's innate lethality really highlighting the vulnerability of un-power armored humans; a dude with heavy power armor and a properly-sized melee weapon would be fucking devastating (though watch out for dudes with anti-tank weapons). Additionally, GURPS has one of the better approaches for firefights and gunplay; if you want operators operating operationally (in or out of power armor), I recommend giving GURPS a shot.

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how shit do you think old marines are feeling right now?

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Forget about the sword skills, how the hell is a regular human with regular weaponry supposed to hurt a space marine through his armor? You'd think nothing short of heavy artillery would hurt these guys.

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Nothing can stop us now!
.... This is certainly not good.

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Not in the millions, but hundreds of thousands. Close quarters combat does occur since they apparently have really good armour against handheld weapons, and they like to deploy this explosive gas thing that stops weapons from being fired where it's deployed (since everything blows the fuck up if someone does shoot).

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