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first for teeny aircav

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I actually started working on an Elysian Droptroops epic army last week. Most of it is still in the mail. I'd snagged a bunch of the plastic valks on a whim when they came out, and then vanguard put up those drop sentinels for sale and I was like, well, I guess this is happening then. ok.

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question for you anons.
looking at building an air cav list. just dig the style. but the list epicUK puts out, Vanaheim, is very all-or-nothing. you've got to mount basically every formation. Are people generally cool with the development lists on Tac Com? seems like Elysians and Catachans both offer a lot more flex in terms of letting you have a core of air cav formations backed by paratroops, infiltrators, etc. Hell of a lot easier to start with anyhow.

here's what I was thinking for an outline:
Elysian Drop Troops - 3000
Reg HQ (drop, fire support, inf platoon, vets) - 450 pts
Drop Company (vendettas) - 350 pts
Drop Company (valkyries) - 300 pts
Drop Artillery (drop) - 225 pts

Vulture Squadron - 300 pts
Sentinels (sky talons) - 225 pts
Sentinels (drop) - 150 pts
Storm Troopers (valkyries) - 350 pts
Tauros Squadron - 150 pts
Tauros Squadron - 150 pts

Lightning Strike Squadron - 200 pts
Marauder Bomber - 150 pts

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