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The orks have already hit end game. It's only a matter of the other races trying to escape it.

Which is unlikely, since they scale up to match any opposition.

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Let's do some theorizing, elegan/tg/entlemen.

Put yourself in, say, the 15th century technology-wise. Let's say you're an orc, an orc physically along the lines of a Warhammer orc, except normally intelligent rather than full retard. You're, I don't know, a mercenary and you're going to go fight a bunch of humans. Otherwise, the setting is normal and there is no magic or anything of that kind; in addition, the orc is not supernaturally tough, so this is purely a question of gritty practicality.

You're bigger and stronger than any man you'll run into; if it's a contest of brute strength you'll pretty much always win, and you have the advantage in reach. How would you leverage that strength in your choices of weapons, armor and tactics?

tl;dr: How would the reliably superior size and strength of an orc affect how it fights?

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Yeah, I meant that the orks aren't bothered if daemons show up.

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