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Craftworlders are extremely repressed, emotionally. Like, they have to, if they want to survive.


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I've got the Farseer to match the older warlocks, but I need to repair some damage before he sees paint.

What's really amazing about the model is how he's not even holding a weapon. A 40k miniature with a sheathed sword! No pistol! It's bonkers.

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Biel-Tan's seers were kinda busy, though. And it's likely they told the Exarch "fuck anyone who tries to disrupt this ritual", because, well, it's a delicate ritual in a hidden area. And Biel-Tan doesn't really do subtlety.

>You can't throw all the blame on her, man!
She didn't DO anything though! Farseers are like, micromanaging RTS players. They tell people where to go, what to do, and when to do it. Because when altering the future you need to be very precise.

Telling people "hey figure all this shit out on your own. I'm going to go watch my soaps" and not bothering to give them any further input regardless of what they do is like, the most irresponsible thing you can do. It got an entire craftworld's soulstones sent to Slaanesh, for crying out loud.

Elenwe is the worst DoW farseer.

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>The difference is not in the level of the power wielded, it is in the method.
did you miss the bit about "harnessing destructive energies and shooting out blasts of psychic power"?

Basically the description for a Space Marine Librarian

>Eldar can get similar level of power
Actually most sources (aside from FFG) peg them as being higher. Exceptions exist, but those individuals are so exceptional BECAUSE they can match up against the Eldar and aren't really a good indicator of the overall "power level"

>but the Paths are very rigid, and just like the fighting style of every Aspect Warrior is rigid so is the spell selection of the Craftworld Psykers.
Not the case, actually. Although Farseers have divination abilities as their precedence and Warlocks have destructive ones, both are capable of using other abilities based on their own talents as a psyker. Mind War is neither subtle nor predictive, for example, yet it's an iconic "Farseer" power. Not to mention the aforementioned 2nd edition farseer who handed out psychic asskicking on a level far above anyone aside from Ahriman.

>They might be able to rip tanks in two but they do it in a controlled fashion and the rigidity of the act masks them and keeps Slaanesh from pouring in when the veil is weakened.
And? Their personal discipline is -already present- in their leadership score (and the lack of a psychic test in the case of the warlocks). All that's lacking right now is the actual power level of the spells, which are at a disparity with both the power level present in the fluff as well as their utility on the table.

It's not a save, so Ghosthelms will work as intended, unless FAQ'd otherwise. You will no longer get your 4++ save though.. but at least we don't need to worry about instant death from perils anymore.

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>That's because alien psykers suck compared to human psykers.
Baseless assumption. And before you bring up those quotes about Humans outstripping Eldar when it comes to psychic might, remember that there are just as many GW books saying the exact opposite.

>Human psykers even have more brute force than the Eldar.
Being unsubtle doesn't mean they're "more powerful". If anything it just belies a lack of skill. And aside from one or two vague statements from dubious sources, Eldar psykers have quite a bit of brute force on their end, despite their self-imposed restrictions.

>They have implants and a soul-bind to the Emperor.
Implants are there to supplement meagre psychic prowess, and the soul-binding is only done to astropaths

>Alien psykers are like thorny berries. Tasty, but they don't last and its a bitch to get to them. Human psykers are like ripe peaches. Soft and easy to get into, and very juicy.
there so much wrong with this statement that it's hard to decide where to begin. However I will mention that the Eldar are among the most sought after mortal prizes of chaos. Sort of like Space Marines, but both for different reasons.

>The reason xenos forces get so little shit from chaos is because humans are attracting all the attention.
actually there are many alien races that have been wholly consumed by chaos. The only reason humanity seems to "get all the attention" is because they're the protagonists of the current era in the grim dark future. Were the game set during the rise and fall of the eldar, all of chaos's attention would seem to be focused on them.. for example.

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Old man farseers are best farseers

Space wizards, man

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>next codex
I can't wait, Eldtrich Storm might actually be worth taking!

I want my Farseer to shoot lightning out his ass while blowing people's heads up with his brain, damnit.

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I was trying to think of a term for "spiritseer" that I could use in the sentence, but my brain wouldn't cooperate

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Go for it. If you can deal with the amount of metal/finecast, you'll find they've got one of the nicest model ranges around, IMO. Springing for the Forge World upgrade kits on the tanks is also well worth the money, they look so much nicer.

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the one with the Antlers?

Yeah, the classic farseer is much nicer. As are the ones that came out with the Eye of Terror "Seer Council" box

Not a fan of the current ones either..

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>HQ general
my personal favorite.

shame Eldritch storm is so awful, and shame they got rid of the warlock power "Augment".... I liked zapping people's brains from across the board

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for what it's worth, any inquisitor worth his gumption will have a decent brace of psy-shielding at his disposal. Moreso if he's a psyker

going by the scant canonical sources, Eldar aren't built like humans and do not have body-fat. It's part of the reason why they can work with wraithbone or why farseers eventually crystallize in the dome of seers. The contents of their breasts is unknown, but is certainly -not- milk.

For the record, dark eldar DO have body-fat (probably a result of their psychic atrophication), but that's neither here nor there.

anyways OP, important question; who is what? Is it male farseer/female inquisitor? Male on male? Context will help us devise an inconspicuous hook for you

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Always loved Farseers, they're just so.. wizardly.

Not fond of the "new" ones that came out in 4th edition though. I dislike the every-HQ-must-be-perched-on-a-rock theme GW has been pushing for the last five or so years

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