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I'm lucky most of my FW stuff survived the great purge to make room for primaris and horus heresy honestly, but I'm still pissed GW squatted the Gorgon right after I bought a brand new legit one from FW and it's still available on the site to boot.

>30 transport capacity

Fuck you GW I'm running it at 50 and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

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>be australian

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>He doesnt know Commissar Holt

First named commissar before Yarrick IIRC

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Dan writes more gritty military books, I also got the impression he wanted to avoid alot of the BS. Bit like forgeworld's attitude in say siege of vraks. More 'real'

I recall ADB or someone similar continually and hamfistedly making references to 'hurr the guy was easily shot because he wasn't wearing a helmet'
While this is true, referencing it in that way just came across as ''Hurr I get that joke' compared to say abnett writing about guardsmen in a seedy gambling den full of prostitutes on their downtime.
If you wanted to address the helmet realism issue just have it as a morale booster/fanatical faith issue. No different than a high ranking officer leading a first wave charge or a black watch bagpiper marching into enemy fire.

I like Abnett alot but he needs to just ignore this sort of thing and concentrate on a realistic approach instead of baiting himself into commenting on it

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That with some slight mixed action scenes could make a great film

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Solar Auxilia were essentially the Horus Heresy version of the Imperial Guard, as it was much more uniform back then and mostly recruited from Sol and the Segmentum Solar(Hence Solar Auxilia). There are undoubtedly regiments form that Segmentum, and possibly Terra itself, that are equipped and trained similarly to the Auxilia and Heresy era Imperial Army.

Personally I'd say they're fine as proxies, though they'll play different, given the difference between HH 30" Lasrifles and Modern 40k 24" Lasguns or 18" Hotshots.

Did you already have some or did you just want to get them as proxies?

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nice get

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tyranids on suicide watch

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Damn right.

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>be me
>been reading warhammer shit and playing the games for years
>finally decide to nut up and buy some models
>spend the next few months reading up on the rules and painting my orks
>finally time to go and play with my 1.5k army
>get there and right off the bad get eyebrows singed off by horrible body odor
>wave my way through the stank like a marine through nurgle fog
>get to back and start looking for someone to play with
>ask a dude if he wants to play
>mom comes out of nowhere, "YEAH he would love to play!!"
>ask him what point his army is and try to make small talk while i get my orks out of a god damn shoebox
>says nothing and squirms in place
>dude is 12 with purple and green hair
>his little brother keeps taking my orks and asking me what they do and what they are
>try to ask him how he wants to play and stuff while getting my orks back from this insane ass kid
>his mom comes over and starts asking him what hes doing and why he isn't playing yet like everyone else
>they start fighting and it becomes apparent the kid doesn't even want to be here
>mom starts making an example of what he should be doing by taking my orks and his marines and putting them randomly all over the table
>sit in awe for a moment before seeing my chance, and taking my orks back and heading to the car
>mission failure, never again

But I did, just got back and whoa nelly. Part 2 coming if anyone gives a hoot

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What news have we heard about the upcoming deathguard releases? Anyone know when new kits or the new codex will drop?

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>tfw the Tau took 14 super-fortress hive cities manned by untold numbers of defenders in just a day

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Rule of cool. Tactics in 40k is very much fictionalised, very few factions fight realistically. Steel Legion are using WW2 mechanised infantry tactics, Krieg are stuck in the first world war, Mordians are Napoleonic. It doesn't make sense, as long as it looks cool.

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>pick a particular faction
>not sure if I want to play that faction
>want to repaint them
>have to wait a month for the codex
I love emperor's children lore the most but I'm not sure about painting them. I could just do some noise marines in their colourful scheme and do a nice, generic red and gold for everyone else.
I really want ally on daemons that aren't all Slaanesh or maybe a nice mix...

I wish I wasn't so indecisive.

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