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>kobold NPC in disguise posts very poorly-written H3LP notice on tavern mission board
>not too old but crippled and scarred, is looking for another tribe of kobolds
>kobolds typically seen as somewhere between a nuisance and a threat to civilized society, but kobold promises full cessation of ALL kobold hostilities and any rewards the found tribe can spare if this is done
>reveals himself to be a blue kobold, the last of his tribe and their de facto lorekeeper
>lore is bound to the magic item held on the lorekeeper's person, a necklace with a single dragon tooth taken from the last dragon to sire the kobold race millennia ago (history is called the Kobozon)
>item will impart the knowledge of the history of the kobold race as seen and remembered from all previous lorekeepers, but is racially locked to work only with other kobolds
>kobolds are weak, unpopular creatures that long ago learned their existence would be one of strife, but the lore must live on
>claims he can't find kobolds simply because they're being sneaky. This has been known to happen- he would know, after all, considering

>campaign goes on
>major towns cleared out the kobolds a few years back, haven't seen them since
>forest encampments were overrun by goblins some time ago
>cave encampments were crushed between Underdark inhabitants and dwarf settlements in a war
>plains encampments were destroyed by gnoll raiding parties
>draconic lands claim they haven't allowed the pathetic kobold line in their borders in generations
>every new discovery makes the lorekeeper a little more nervous, a little more quiet
>finally track down an aboleth hiding in a cave acting as an ambassador/slave for the genius loci of the land itself to see where the kobolds are hiding
>aboleth laughs hideously, like a waterfall of phlegm
>tells kobold he is last one alive

>final part of quest is for party to find a steel dragon so that the Kobozon can be recorded permanently somewhere before the blue kobold's death

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The story told by spirit talkers and psykers that go too far across the galaxy is a strange one but one that is too consistent. Out in the Formless Wastes beyond where things can easily dwell where the rocks and the bones of the warp are bare and without life or moment, beyond where even Be'Lakor hold court there is nothing but the howling of the winds made up of unattended ideas and forgotten passions that swirl among uncaring rocks, lost to the æther. There nothing moves, things that run there to die quietly when all hound them and promise them worse than death, they are safe from predators because nothing can survive there but they are doomed to end because nothing can survive there. Nothing sings in that place beyond were even the unwelcome light of the Astronomicon is visible.

If you survive the trek, oddly slightly easier for mortals than gods or deamons, if you go beyond beyond where the last deamon goes to die, beyond the were the constant rumbling of Gork and Mork's eternal brawl can be heard, beyond hope and dreams and memories and the last swirling forgotten idea lost on dead breezes you can come to the place where children once dwelt.

It looks like a village, or what once might have been a village, next to a river or at least the desiccated corps or a river. The riverbed is bare pebbles, the banks mud long since dried and dead. The village itself is broken, the thatch and sticks of the roofs have fallen in where they have not blown away and not one hut has a full set of walls left standing. The flaps of animal skin and reeds that covered doors and windows are dry and cracked and brittle. And all about is stillness, endless stillness of stories that remain after nobody is left to tell them. Sound does not work well here, if sound can work well in that realm at all. Noise of foot steps and voices are heard a second after they should be and muted, seemingly bled and drained into the grey and sunless sky.

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Put your cutes in the air!

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>We should never do anything because other people will complain

Can't we give people the benefit of the doubt?
They could be a random anon doing random anon things

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for all the stuff left undumped

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What is the worst singular mechanic you've ever seen in a game? Weather because it was broken, or exploitable or unfun or just a time waster i'm curious to see what /tg/ thinks the worst ideas to be put into gaming have been.

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Discovering that the greatest treasure of all isn't glory or gold.


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well in that case bringing in others to fight for you wins anything.
Have some enemies? Get some gnomes to jump on them
They're kinda the comedic relief of fantasy races
Also, they're ability to tinker is fucking noice

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Rolled 65, 25 = 90 (2d100)

>Name: Riffraff Mcbold
>Race: Kobold
>Cult: Followers of the Big One
>Cult Fluff: Meeting a dragon in the area and being allowed to live, the dragon didn't care, the great prophet Mcbold told other kobold of this big creature's great mercy. The cult is, falsely, convinced that unless they can keep the dragon in a good mood it will rise from its throne of riches, it's hoard, to eat all kobolds in the world and bring about an era of bad stuff.
>Personal Fluff: Riffraff Mcbold was raised by dwarves who took pity on the small kobold. Riffraff was however, very paranoid and feared that the dwarves would one day cook him up and eat him. So eventually he left the fortress and eventually ended up in the cave of the half-slumbering dragon he now worships.
>Special Ability: [Too Dumb to Die] - Riffraff can ignore the effects of a critical failure, but doing so results in -15 to all rolls for the next 3 turns.
>Bonus: [Too Cute to Harm] - +10 to avoiding combat, but -15 to regular conversation and persuading.

We can't give up now, not when we are this close. There is only one thing left to do, using the secret (read: made up on the spot) techniques I will call the Big One to aid us in our task. I WILL CALL FORTH A MIRACLE!

1-2) Call for the Big One and inform him of the cloud's location

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also these

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"Dam" said the Coven leader seeing the very human horror in the cat "This one 'passed his will save' so to speak"
He was presented as a familiar to the new crones' cronnie and was bound to her. He lost track of time he was indentured, being bound to a witch means that life-force is shard and thus he aged very slowly for a cat and lost track of his age were he human. This life was horrid. The Covens ogres, although not allowed to harm him directly pelted him with onions for laughs. He felt first hand the terribleness of "Might makes Right". He had to watch the innocent harmed in the worst of ways by the casters. Among them was a strange green fey of sorts, she had her wings stripped off her and had her very soul sealed in the staff the Annis leader kept. As tragic as it was, it did give Farquad a telepathic friend. Malinda was her name, and she had a deep understanding of the witches magic, she would silently explain what they were doing and how it worked to pass the time. She taught him to speak (or rather think) in Sylvan. The boy, while aware he was doomed, never gave up hope and vowed if the chances were his he would free his friend from her unlife-bondage one day.
We'll one day came. As he was sitting on the roof of the shack a group of adventurers came.
"Another blood bath?" He thought "Lets see, a caster of sorts. He'll have a good shot but Elpha tends to rip them apart. The knight looks sturdy enough to last a round or two with Thacla but the thief will be sucked in by Morda charm. I'll give them 5-1"
Fate rolled a six.

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I like it.
Color if you want, but I think you should study.

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I'll be starting a kobold management game using the Pathfinder rules and setting very shortly. It's designed to be a 1-3 session long game inspired by Dwarf Fortress and King of Dragon Pass. All players are Kobolds and need to make their tribe of incompetents prosper against adversity.

I'm trying to come up with some really good random events. Here's what I have so far:

* Traders show up and sell strange scented candles and exotic pets. The candles improve health, but the pets have diseases. (appropriate checks figures this out)
* A gnome bard drops by and seduces one or more tribesmembers.
* A necromancers apprentice drops by to recruit minions.
* Goblin raiders attack.
* Miners uncover cocooned Akatas. Void zombie plage spreads unless stopped.
* Scouts stumble upon giant spider colony.
* Dwarves come by to demand that kobolds stop stealing from them.
* Ogres offer help, but really want to eat kobolds.
* Drow slavers passing through area. May try to sell slaves, capture roaming kobolds or
* An illusionist wizard keeps pulling embarassing pranks on the tribe members and refuses to stop.
* A blue/green/brass dragon wyrmling asks for protection and housing. Legit deal, but turns out to be a whiny bastard.
* A doppelganger infiltrates the tribe.

What do you think? Has anyone else got any good event ideas?

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