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You forget that Orks can be really mean, especially Nobs. They are strong Orks who can order around the Boys, but are stuck serving under the Boss, so they tend to be real nasty costumers, bullying the Boys and using any chance they can get to throw their authority around.

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After talking about how scary Orks can be, like Kommandos, for fucks sake, one idiot had the gall to say
>You don't know what fear is
I would take a Tyranid invasion over and Ork invasion any day, with the Nids you know where you stand, in their bellies. Orks, you aint got a clue, you're just as likely to get shot to death, stomped to death, chopped to death, punched to death as you are to be eaten alive, enslaved to spend your days building bullets, weapons and vehicles, or just get kicked around by bored Orks.
They said death isn't scary, and sure, death isn't scary, but dying is, and the different between Nids and Orks is that you don't know if you're have a quick death, or a slow death.

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It's not something they're particularly known for, but they still do it. Ghazghkull himself released Yarrick after "weeks of inflicting idle torture".

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Even when you're reading things from a purely Ork viewpoint, it's not always fun and games.

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