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I do. Lawful at that.

It's a goddamn nightmare, there's innocents in peril and all we're doing is running in circles. Every little thing that seems to be a clue to solving that conundrum ends up being a dead end. I have no idea what the DM wants us to do.

On top of that the rest of the party seems pretty damn murder-prone. Good luck convincing the priest to listen to you about the wrongfully convicted "witches" when first thing that happens is a crossbow shot from our ranger. Not to mention despite having 17 Cha I keep rolling 2-8 on social skills. My own lack of them as a player is not helping. At least I got over being infatuated with our cute DM

And I can't just murder peasants to save some random women, but I can't let those women get murdered either!

I went from a cheerful, smiling, gay in both senses of the word elven paladin to pic related in like two or three sessions.

That's why I usually play reserved snipers or rogues.

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Because women like to fantasise about emotions, as it is entertaining for them, the same way men like to fantasise about pretend combat or being a hero - both conform to the fundamental psychological archetypes of a man as a performer and doer and woman as an object of desire and focus for attention.

For most men, emotional engagement seems to be a matter of real investment, and violence or power as a causal everyday thing, whereas women treat emotions as everyday things and violence as a serious matter that upsets those emotions. Again, roots of this are evolutionary in psychology of humans, but they do not constitute a serious barrier to imagination and in a right setting, you can easily have female players do combat well or male players roleplay a romance with an NPC.

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>8 years too late to stop Zargothrax

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>Not using the superior TH White depiction of Arthur as the son of a conquering Norman and having to piece together a kingdom from an island torn apart by race wars, needless violence, and abuse of power

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And this, kids, is why you smite first and detect evil later. If at all.

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>Playing nice guy paladin of freedom who looks beyond race
>as in as long as your at least not glowing evil he’s at least ok with you
>that said if you are evil prepare your anus because it’s about to have an adamantine morning-star shoved up it

>his face when the gm threw a “LG” succubuss at us.

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>At war with the Twi'leks
>The Twi'leks' grievance is that you tried to ban slavery
>The Twi'leks' demands are that you immediately legalize slavery and buy all of them as slaves if they win
>If you win, they'll still try to bargain themselves off to you for a better deal

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>3.5, playing a paladin of freedom
>a whopping 7 int, remember this it'll be important later
>party in old ass temple to Pelor
>old as in over 6000 years old
>after fighting a shoggoth and slimes along with a mirror daemon ala Army of darkness
>we find a book golem that is guarding the library in the temple, non hostile, but being 6 millennia old it obviously can't communicate in our language
>through deduction(see our barbarian throwing other books into it) we realize that we could feed it books to teach it our language
>turns out it can't just translate our language though, and we have to use a kind of Rosetta Stone tablet we found
>turns out it was asking up a phrase, which we figure out is a religious passage and we were to complete it to gain its trust
>for reference this temple was dedicated to the aspect of paelor known as the burning hate, his vengeful side
>so answering whrong would be a bad idea
>so of course my paladin is sitting there patiently trying to think up the phrase
>then one of what we considered intelligent party members just blurts something out
>it's of course wrong
>the golem gets pissed and shouts that he's a heretic and attacks him
>the other intelligent party member does the exact same thing, and obviously pisses it off harder
>they survive only through the fact that my paladin "took on their sins" as it called it aka allowed it to swarm him and let's the others escape
>Eventually came up with the actual response and gained the things trust
>My Paladin left to quietly wonder if he really is the dumbest member of the party as they eventually free a "redeemed" succubus from a prison(No evil detected along with it being trapped for literally 6,000 years as essentially a slave kind of forced his hand, yes I know the gm will pull the "lol she's ebil all along" but I honestly stopped caring after A few of those)
>The entire party is fine and we part ways but my paladin, after explaining what she was, is left dumbstruck by this

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All I'm hearing is
>I'm a DM with poor communication skills that would rather kill a campaign and piss off everyone than talk to my players about how they're over powered.

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The sheer existence of half-orcs points to the failure of humans around in exterminating these beasts. Humanity will never be secure until those filthy monsters are put down and stopped from violating any more of humans.

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Does a paladin fall if he commits cannibalism? Because extreme hunger, not for fun or curiosity.

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Honestly? It's made me ashamed that I can't stop being edgy. I just want to really, truly try to be a lawful good paladin once, but it doesn't ever work out that way. Either the setting is too morally gray or my own tendencies creep in.

Damnit /tg/ you make me want to be a good person, and that's pretty fucking sad coming from a 4chan board

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What things do you internally scream about, but know it's too trivial to make a fuss about?

>Players that throw their dice like it's got the plague.
It's their own dice, but it still bothers me seeing such mistreatment.

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>gm pulls this with my paladin and the team cleric
>in town that would make the word sleeze feel insulted for being mentioned in relation to the city
>both of us are out healing the sick and infirm because we're both the party healers with nothing better to do
>turns out the guy we were healing, after finding him in the gutter bleeding out several times, was actually murdering people!
>except it's not shocking at all because it was pretty fucking obvious seeing as he's proclaimed several times he likes to FUCK with Paladins
>the cleric kills him after this guy mentioned he was going to kill children
>We honestly both feel terrible about it but feel we've at least done some good removing this evil from the world
>gm keeps trying to hold it over our heads like it was some master ruse
>just ignore it and continue to smite evil
Christ almighty I'm enjoying playing a paladin but I swaer it's like every gm thinks they come up with masterful shakeups of the orc baby situation.

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>suicide bomb dragons

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Sauce? Also, pic related.

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>I just want a weak faction
How about a faction that is competitive but not overpowered?

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I'm going to make soup out of your fucking fins, you bastards.

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You fucking dumbass, you specifically told them not to metagame and the told them about these dreams.

They think telling the other party members about it is metagaming because why the fuck else would you mention the two so closely together, so now they'll refuse to unti you tell them it isn't metagaming to fucking discuss it.

You've literally made the associate meta gaming with the specific information from the dream.

My god this must be bait, no on is this stupid.

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Holy shit thank you for the laugh anon I was in a terrible mood but now I'm in high spirits from this ridiculous post.

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I ask the gm if there is room enough to charge
If so I charging smite the fucker for triple the normal smite damage(which considering he's a level 12 paladin is an extra 36 damage.

Also I ask if the villain has physically or magically attacked me recently

If yes, multiply said damage(spiked gauntlet because even Paladins like to cast FIST) by 4 because of my enchanted from the god of retribution and luck.

If he survives taking 164(on average) holy damage spiked gauntlet to the face, let the true battle begin.

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Speaking hypothetically, if I were to reserect a dead dwarven goddess who turned out to be on good terms with other good gods, and now wants me to spread her good news if her reserection.

Up until this point I worshipped was the sun, and the concept of glorious sunlight, but now I have a dwarven goddess, who represents much of what I believe, and so far as I can tell genuinely is a good goddess.

So I bring this question to the council, as it troubles me greatly.

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