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"Guys get in here."

When the Krath and the special forces veteran enter your office you look down at the small pile of reports spread out on your desk.

"Are you two really really doing this?"
The two glance at each other.

"Well we, or I-" Rob starts out.
"Knight Ecord was merely assisting my own cultural research." Eldal blurts out, interrupting Rob.


"I've been observing refugees on Rioja during hours of the ship's night shift when your are not deployed. A group I was watching was attacked a few weeks ago. I disarmed the attackers and called security."

"Well good!"

"There were other incidents I observed that fell outside the purview of what security forces could respond to without evidence. I encountered Knight Ecord when he and his team were performing a security sweep and asked for his advice."

Rob speaks up. "I just wanted to keep an eye on him and make sure nobody was getting seriously hurt. I've seen Krath do their... thing and wanted to be sure civilians weren't in danger." he looks to Eldal and adds, "No offense."

"None taken."

You sigh and consider Winifred's position having to deal with nonsense like this all the time. Really you're not doing badly by comparison. Still could use a stiff drink though.

"I don't mind a little active community building, but the law exists for a reason." You tell them. "You also better not have been letting your duties suffer because of it."

"Absolutely not. Only in our spare time." Ecord insists.

[ ] You're going to have to stop. (slight reprimand)
[ ] Let them off with a warning
[ ] Just don't get caught
[ ] Provide them with the necessary permissions and have them covered by intel & very high ranking police.
[ ] Delegated such tasks to Rioja Black ops

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Collector, which one was it? If it was cutest Krieger, you kicked me right in the D'awww, and gave my girlfriend a Krieg fetish.

Thanks for that.

Also, are you guys talking about this picture?

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That's an interesting idea.

One I thought was the character goes away for a while (a session or 2 irl) to go on a pilgrimage or whatever, spending time in palliative care, etc.

In that time he loses all his money and when he comes back he cannot make any for a few years as he gives it all to the church.

This gives significant punishment to the player while roleplaying losing instanity/corruption points. The idea seems ok enough I guess.

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rolled 4 = 4

So a game where minmaxing and optimization is the order of the day to insure survival, especially since combat is going to kill you dead - all while remaining as patriotic as possible.

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Come on, fellow fa/tg/uys. I see posts all around the boards wondering when this quest runs but then they never show up.

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rolled 96 = 96

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Everyone get in here!

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everyone with Badab War, get in here!

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Scinnari! Right flank.
Asha! Left flank.
Kobolds! Keep diggin'. Drag the barrels of explosive powder as close as you can without blocking the tunnel.
Cygnis! Grab adventurers and get them over here.
Azdukashen! You've got anti-air.

Go go go!

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tinychat traditionalgames

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This thread is now about religions being games/editions, and why.


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Everyone get in here

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Now would be a good time to use lots of explosives.
Cima get in here!

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Everyone, get in here!

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Wonder if this button will do...

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Dammit people, this is Blood Quest.


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Creed sitting at his space desk calling everyone in for some tactical discussion.

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Get in here.

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