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I mean she's kinda cute, in her own way

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21st century logic wasn't a thing until late 1800s.

I love reading up on 16 century witch trials
>Accuse some asshole who knows the law
>Asshole throws together a appeal letter to the actual central authority(a full 3 weeks travel away from the place)
>6-7 weeks later, the central authority delegation arrives, frees him, and then do a re trial where he is freed
>Also purges local legal system for not bothing to read the law

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Shut up and bump me.

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Ees not RHITE

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>debasing themselves
do you even Khorne?

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and his helmet/AI icon

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>Which would you feel fits your person?
The Changer of Ways or The Lord of Decay, I am sickly person and I like to watch people argue about what-not shits and giggles.
>Which God would you choose?
Undivided. Except not Khorne... He is tempting, but I'd rather keep my head tightly where it is.
>What kind of blessings do you think you'd receive?
Jack and shit. And I think Jack left real-space. But seriously? Ability to summon Daemons via fitting(human) sacrifices.
>How would they change your life?
I'd start a cult gather fuckton of moneh, and build my very own underwater Neo-Sodomah(name of MY city, not the rapetastick biblefuck-of-a-city). And I would change my name to something aewsoms.

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Honestly I have NO idea what happened with that.

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I thought so, too. She kinda has that skin tone, but... they amped up the saturation.

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Does Chaos Undivided have a specific number? I always thought it was eight, but I found out that's Khorne's number.

I know it's a dumb question, but it's been nagging at me. It doesn't seem that Undivided has a specific number, but that may be just my terrible Google-fu.

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A rogue lawful cultist

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Aw, crap, that could be good, but if it turned this way...

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LIES! Cultist-Chan will always be the one and only queen of /tg/

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I think somebody said Cultist-Chan!

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>many of these ideas are terrible
>almost states the same ideas as others above

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That makes it the opposite of Civ 3, and I'm okay with that. Everything else can suck as long as the combat is done well. If everything else is excellent and the combat sucks, the whole game doesn't work because what should be the entire foundation of diplomacy goes flying out the window.

I'm also glad gold is finally good for something instead of just being something you automatically pump into research as much as possible.


I'm enjoying my mud pyramids. The nigger faction is awesome in this game.

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salutations /teegee/s,

In 5th ed, whats the most reliable methods for getting marine close combat troops in to your enemies front lines?

I'm running 20 berserkers and 5 CC terms(which might Deepstrike), and I'm split between a raider and a rhino, 2 raiders or all rhinos.

And do any anons think the 'deploy behind the rhino for cover, then charge once it moves in the next turn' tactic is actually a good one?

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Right you gro/tg/rabbers,

What would happen if an Ork got hold of a Daemon weapon?

Could it drive a quite frankly simple krumping machine of an Ork mad?Or would it just say 'what the hell, lets go kill stuff'

Or are theDaemonblades not that sentient?

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And Hy foortunahtly know a little maygik
eet's a talent that Hy always have pohssess'd
And dear mahreen, please don't laff
I yoo'se eet on behalf
Of the meeserabel, the lonely, and deepresssed

Poor h'unfortoonate souls
h'In pain, h'in need
Thees one rooning from inqueestoor
That h'one wants to be weeth hoorus
And do I heelp theem?
Yesh, h'indeed
Those Poor h'unfortoonate souls
So shad, so true
They coom flocking to mah altah
Crahying, "Shpells, Cay-oss, pleash!"
And Hy help zhem!
Yesh Hy do

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Technically, all psykers are "at the Chaos end of the spectrum," by virtue of using the warp to do what they do. Sure, not all of them are corrupted, but all of them surround themselves by... well, Chaos, one way or the other.

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Make one, if you cannot find one. Who's going to argue?

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