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Maybe if the mekas were big enough it could give a +3 to Strength if you rolled well on combine rolls but then you run the risk of losing an arm or a leg of your mekazord

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>For example, Ork rockets painted yellow create bigger explosions, simply because the vast majority of Orks think they do.

[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed]

>which sums up that wiki in general

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I don't think any parent is afraid of their kid playing D&D as proxy for devil worship.

I think parents worry it's symptoms of an autist and he's never going to move out or get laid.

Granted there's different tiers.

>FPS or Nintendo vidy'a? A productive and healthy member of society.

>Dungeons&Dragons? Our son is going to be a weirdo, but can probably still hold a job and reproduce.

>Magic: The Gathering? Whelp... better be ready to have him live with us forever.

>White Wolf shit? We got you a new fedora for your birthday son...

>GURPS? I'd rather find out you were in a gay orgy porn.

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Thanks again man.

I took off the Power Sword on the bike Sargent, took away all the melta-bombs on the Vanguards, I replaced the Power Axe with a TH on one of the Vanguards, and I've given combi-plas to my tac sargents. Now with those changes im looking at 1699/1750pts.

Thinking about dropping the missile launchers, the assault squad, and the chaplain to make room for the Terminator assault squad, Landraider Redeemer and Terminator Librarian Psyker lvl 2. No i cant really change his load out though, unless i just do a counts as or what ever. He is the metal mono-pose Terminator Libby with the force staff... Will that work?

And isnt Biomancy the best table to role on?

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>I'm the better adapted
>mfw when I'm bigger in the sack
>mfw when 90% of the time I'm on top.
That is the joke.

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so enjoy the pics

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>1 thing
>not keeping it in a Battlewagon then mulching a squad of marines a turn
>Not keeping him in a squad of 30+ boyz for 29 more wounds
It'z like yer actually tryin' to muck about.

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>Crop my hair
I wear it in a mohawk, so no.
>Anal sex
No, I regularly insist on that one.

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Orkz iz green, orkz iz mean....

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I was thinking about making a squad of mega nobz like the one in that picture out of SM Terminators. But Im not sure if I should wait and see when orks get their new codex and hopefuly get a 5 man box of Mega Nobz or just say fuck it and get SM Terminators and make use of all my orky bits.

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